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Thread: Payload strategy -Lite

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    Siege strategy -Lite

    Playing Classic siege i stumbled up on a teammate with master border that clearly indicated signs of not understanding strategical aspects of the game on a Macro sense. I want to add... that most of the concepts have been inherited from Overwatch. and were developed initially in that game, but since the ruleset of payload is a crossover. We can easily apply them here with great success .
    Classic Siege Overview

    Game is played between two teams. Team A and Team B.Game ends when one team reaches four points.
    Capturing the centerpiece in the middle of the map,will be the deciding which team will be Attacking and Defending.Team which won the centerpiece gets to attack, and gain an additional point.Doing it unsuccessfully will result in the defending team getting a point.

    1. Capturing ceneterpiece 1point.
    2. Successfully delivering payload 1point.
    3. Successfully defending the attack 1point.

    Since you don't have to communicate with your teammates at all times. Basic loose concepts that are generally accepted by everyone are used as a holistic sense for what to do.
    Dying is bad.
    Killing is good.
    Pushing payload good.

    In the examples i used very basic vague things people can all agree on. if you are a hardcore contrarian


    You won't always be able to kill people. And you won't always be able to avoid death. Pushing the payload might not always needs to be pushed.
    in this case.. winning.
    Strategy Concepts
    I will be only discussing macro concepts. necessary for winning More games.


    Staggering is when one of the members Dies early. And returns to a fight always late.
    Example: TEAM A fights TEAM B. TEAM A loses a member -> FIGHT CONTINUES 4v5 because 5>4 TEAM B WINS. The member returns to fight 1v5 5>1 B TEAM WINS. B Team engages team A 4v5 cycle continues.
    So you want to avoid entering this cycle at all costs. so some of ways you might do it are:
    Never dying(not very practical)
    Regrouping(takes time)
    Sacrificing(exchanging 1:1)
    disengaging(run from the fight)

    So when i look at the list, i would assume that a median level player thought process would be.
    Sacrificing is okay-ish solution but not good
    Regrouping takes too long i just want to kill shit...
    Disengaging is probably the best thing to do.
    Never dying is what i'll strive for because...
    life is an anime and im the main hero.

    The way i look at it is.
    Sacrificing = very relative to the Side of the game. Only should be encouraged as a last resort(many mistakes in,only salvageable outcome.)
    Regrouping = effectively the only thing to do. Sadly must be coordinated within 5 people(sometimes you making the right choice might not yield the result)
    Disengaging = The most deceptive problem on the list.( this is basically almost never the right answer 80% )
    Never dying =
    i guess nothing can stop you huh?

    Disengaging is one of the worst problems you face with.
    *You can take a defensive position and not get pressured enough for you to die ever. You will contribute to the team in a sub par way,but won't command the attention of a healer/team assistance.

    The goal is not for you to stay alive. the goal is to reach 4 points, and win the game By contributing positive value to the team. Of course rushing in and dying while producing max value is not a solution either. Every second that you are dead will contribute negatively towards the team(you are doing negative values, since your teammates could have qued into someone who doesn't rambo)

    *It's not my fault that my teammates die.
    It's not, but if they die you will die. and if you are all dead, we lose the game.

    * Well i can just run away right? and regroup with my team.
    And this is the trap. its highly unlikely that you will be given a chance to freely disengage. And every second you ran and they cached you. Contributes to the time it took your team to regroup.that means you will lose your team more then if you just simply died. You are gravely contributing to staggering.
    while your intentions are good, you might not realize how are you hurting your team.


    You have to walk the line between death and value like a tight rope.You have to basically do what Faker did in league of legends. You have to maximize your characters limits,and be as useful as you can.Theres no shame in dying to sync up your alive time with your teammates. Either jump off or just let yourself get killed. You can try to kill someone while your at it. But running is the worst solution by far.
    Note: This doesn't necessarily mean to always fight, sometimes taking a step back is also important.

    this should be on top of all of your screens. You glance left to know if you should try to kill,or your priority is to stay alive. you glance right if you should chase and strong arm the enemies.
    checking for death timers on opponents or teammates should be a habit. Essentially any chance you get.

    I also understand how glorified numbers and kda is. But winning and win rate are the ultimate indicator of success. as long as you win doesn't matter how many times you died.

    Strongarming is when you take your advantage and push it even further. Imposing the will of the strong on the weak.

    When you fight, and somehow one of your teammates gets someone killed. You have to push forward and kill more people. Because the advantage of only being up one person, can be converted to being up 5people. going from Equal chances of winning->chances of winning->likely winning->very likely of winning->winning. Often times teammates do not chase after the opponents, and that is a huuge mistake. Because of Staggering the timer starts from the last person you kill. You are forcing the timer for regrouping to restart every time you get a new kill.
    Sometimes people won't chase and those who do will get punished for it. Because the team is not in sync with the common strategies. And this might even lead to forfeiting a lead.
    *Why do i want to kill more then one person?
    having a one man advantage can still be overthrown. You might be down cooldowns,Life,position.These are things that might set you behind that you cant really keep track on the fly. its too light gauge if the single kill still keeps you in the lead.

    *what if they chase and get killed? what then?
    Being results orientated is one of the great fallacies people commit. Just because you died doesn't mean you ever could have prevented it.You can do the "right" play, and still end up with "shit" results.
    You are playing the odds at this point. And having an advantage will more likely end you up with a greater advantage.
    ~The rich get richer the poor stay poor.


    Sacrificing is the exchange of each player dying on each team. Often times this is a solution that won't give you significant results either way. You will win more games if you sacrifice less and more effectively.You shouldn't do a play that might end up in you sacrificing, because an exchange 1:1 won't give your team a lead.

    *What if i die but kill a support what then?
    You might win the exchange, but the results will vary.Sometimes you not being there as a flanker or damage dealer, might exasturbate the problem even more. Not having enough damage or the flanking pressence to finish them off. Basically this is not a clear cut advantage for you to do so.

    *If i kill two people... is it worth then?
    Ofcourse it is. Its worth by value.Now your team has an advantage of 4v3 . that doesn't guarantee a win, but its more clear of an advantage.It would be allot better if you stayed alive.

    Are there any other reasons to Sacrifice?
    Sacrificing to stop momentum
    If the payload is on your side of the map, the opposing team has a longer distance to cover to get back to the payload.Even if you only trade 1:1 you will get back faster to defend.(the distance should be strongly favored on your side otherwise its not clear enough to justify it)

    *what about to save my teammate?
    Never. My stat sheet> your stat sheet.And it still makes the game 4v5, so it accomplishes nothing.

    KILLING&HEALING Priorities

    This is easily one of my weakest concepts, since this is subjected to change. There are times when people die and flood the chat with [vhs][vhs][vhs][vhs][vhs].And equal amount of times you can see "JUST KILL [name] and we gucci"
    Let's start with healing priority.
    Frontlines on their own can't kill people. but they will apply pressure,and soak important damage.IF frontline dies and the backline is subjected to damage, people will tend to backpeddle and send
    the trickling effects are very scary. As natural leaders of the fight should be kept alive at all times.
    Supports are what
    is to a morning. A NECESSITY. as long as we got our support we can fight. Once the support goes, waiting for that regen to kick in will put you out from the fight. Once that happens teammates will get more pressure on them, and someone will eventually fall. Frontlines are slightly more important, but the gap is not as big.

    The cannon to a ship. The fire to a lighter.The ball to a hoop. Damage dealers are very important to grind down the opponents, and have a important role to the team. Sadly not a very important role to heal in the hierarchy. Most likely do to the nature of healers design, will be out of sight and out of mind for most of the times. Delayed reaction when they die, slowly will be noticed as they are missing.Heals are appreciated but will have to wait for them...

    Hitmen 3spooky5me. Sadly you will almost never heal them, never noticed them. They are a silent fart in the wind.You won't even notice that they die. MAYBE only when you are dead and notice them running back to the fray. if they whine about healing, instantly mute them and forget about it.


    Killing priority is kinda iffy. You should take the easiest kill given. And contribute as little cool downs as possible,but not at a cost of letting him get away. Dealing damage to a frontline is not a great thing.... but being able to kill a frontline is really good. If you are at a safe spot and two people are on your screen, even if its easier to hit the tank you should try to hit the other person. that being said Immediate threat<-easiest to kill<-Valued Target.

    Immediate threat are mostly people who are fighting you, returning fire is a necessity for them to not go too hard for you.

    Easiest to kill If you can just kill something with out any effort. Just... [no image found] do it.

    Valued Target People like tanks or supports are great, but this should only concern things like ultimate values(pip using an ultimate to kill a 5400hp target is more valued then a 2000) but not really ranking high.

    The most obvious reason for not ranking Valued targets above anything. Is mostly due to how impractical it is.
    You might think that killing one target over another is important, but it most of the times just complicates things. You can often times Focus on someone more so by engaging with them. Or actively trying to shutdown someone, but it's an inconvenience if the opponent realizes what you are trying to do.
    Imagine you holding a lighter in one hand, while trying to extinguish other people lighters. And you see someone struggling fighting someone else, you just quickly run in and knock the lighter out hes hand. Izipizi and no extra effort needed. This is what you should look for on the screen. The player whos lighter is extinguished, can no longer play.Very simple.
    People who pose a threat to you need to be taken care of. this is self explanatory.

    if this is not you or atleast grandmaster by now. IDK dude read books.

    This is it for now,i hope you enjoy. And you will stop feeding in my games Eksdee
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