hi me and raain are looking to create a esports team that are looking to get into tournaments and become a great team.

tank: n/a
tank/ flex: n/a
support: n/a
dmg/flank: raain - diamond 5
flex: deverok - diamond 1

as you can see we need a tank player that can play most to all tanks, we would also like a second tank that can play tanks but also flex onto something else like dmg or support (grohk, pip, grover).
we also need a good healer that can play damba, jenos, seris to a good level

if you like the sound of joining a team and going into tournaments then these are the requirements:

1. play in eu region and speak good english.
2. play the required champs, tanks, healer
3. account level 100+
4. platinum 3 rank+
5. plays around 2-3 hours a day
6. dont be toxic to players/ teammates

before joining make sure that you want to join, in other words do you see yourself playing in a year from now or something like that.
when we have a full team we will discuss timings (when we can all play), good comps we can try, what we all prefer to play and a team name.

if you want to join and have all the requirements leave you ign down below and say if you are a tank or support main and i will send you a friend request in-game (deverok115) me and raain will ask you to play a few casuals with us so we can get an understanding of how you like to play.