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Thread: Makoa's shield only lasts 1 second

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    I can confirm this too. It seems that once you have the Acient Resolve card in your deck, the shield lasts only about one second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsCrii View Post
    Yeah, I was hoping the hotfix would fix this and Evie's Blink delay. Maybe there will be another that will address these soon...?
    Blink delay has been there for a long while, don't hold your breath.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThranMaru View Post
    Can confirm Ancient Resolve most probably sets the duration instead of adding it.
    This doesn't affect the shield when it's placed down using the Half shell legendary.
    Although, the placed down shield timer shows correctly very short duration and the on-body timer shows long, but disappears quickly with the shield.
    You could have jumped the waiting parts, but thanks for the vid anyway.
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