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Thread: The beautiful unbound OB64.

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    Exclamation The beautiful unbound OB64.

    (dem stuff copied from the man, the myth, the legend ozzy)

    THE MODE to test your skills to gain entitlement. THE MODE where all your game experience and training from many casual matches and more have built up on for! THE MODE that you play for achieving the HIGHEST RANKS….
    Is now just a mode to take a part in for joy. Like if it was casual! No need to take it seriously! It’s just rank! It’s more fun now, since ANYONE, even the most BRAIN-DEAD OF TEAMMATES, can play without worry! Prestige? Replace that with PLAYTIME!

    Holy fuck.

    Paladins => “matchmaking that will help players find competition that fits them.” JEEZ. IF ONLY THERE WASN’T A FUCKING 90 PAGE-SIZED THREAD HERE IN THE FORUMS THAT SHOWS HOW FUCKING WRONG THAT IT IS!!

    From this reaction, many players have felt a dislike to playing Paladins in general, with some calling it quits, some being hopeful and taking a hiatus, and a large majority of them moving on to other games. Fortnite, TF2, Overwatch, and especially Battlerite have been mentioned, and even some Paladins Youtubers are trying out Battlerite, for it having similar qualities to Paladins (Champions, loadouts, F2P, ultimates/skills, etc.)

    Surprising still, there’s even a few wanting to make a game in reaction to this! I am not kidding, look it up!

    AND ALL THIS… What did Hi-rez DO?



    In general, comparatively, basically, conclusively, to summarize… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Wait. I gotta explain this “nothing."

    Even through ALL THIS, the collective acceptance of EVERYONE in the Paladins community, of their dislike of everything Cards Unbound stands for, Hi-rez still went with it. The petition has reached 7,000 signatures at this point, a lot of the Paladins Youtubers have shown interest in other games, and every site of communications to the developers are filled with threads, posts, and comments of disliking OB64. Yet they still pushed on. 8 PTS patches later, an entire month of testing for OB64, and the patch was implemented towards all players on the PC.

    And the rest is history. 17,000 average players on Steam Charts. Many people on discussions/threads/forums leaving or taking hiatus. Youtubers showing lesser contents of Paladins. Five separate news outlets publicizing OB64 in a bad light. And generally, a dissatisfied audience that once was dedicated to Paladins. There is still an audience, mind you. But there has been a stain left in the wake of OB64.

    And Hi-Rez did nothing. They let this pass.

    This is the most upsetting, furious, enraging aspect of all this. Hi-rez has specified in the Cards Unbound thread AND EVEN the Expectations in Beta thread, on how they’re listening to the community. Yet they gone through with Cards Unbound. Listening to the community? Heh. That’s not what happened. It never happened this entire patch of 64. They only listened to things that improved this system, but that is it. The entire hurricane of negative criticism has been entirely ignored, all to get this patch through…

    I stated it in this thread, and I restate it now. They are not listening to us. The community. I don’t think they ever had for awhile. If they did so, this Cards Unbound wouldn’t even exists. Yet here we are.

    They did nothing. Nothing for the playerbase that never wanted this.

    So why? Why pass it on anyway?


    Nothing. thats right listen to the community or just let the moderators close all the negative Posts about how bad OB64 is and how broken and **** is competitive.

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    We already have three threads to talk about this (Thanks to OzzyOzzy). We don't need a fourth one, specially as you read his threads, but I really recommend you used the Rant thread.

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