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Thread: Megathread about 5th Legendary Cards

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    Post Megathread about 5th Legendary Cards

    I created new Legendary cards for every champion, because I saw many opportunity in champion styles. These aren't 'not serious', these are deliberated and their logic follows the original direction. I worked with them so much and I wish Hi Rez will appreciates this.


    Ghrok's: Totem Carver: Increase the range of the healing totem by {51|3}%. He deploys a totem automaticly, when he activates Tempest. (The latest totem destroyed)

    Grover's: Drifting Leaf: Vine's speed doesen't stops when reach the assigned point, it gives it's speed bonus to an other same section. If he starts a shot while using Vine until he lands and it hits an enemy, it will reduce every cooldowns by {42.5|2.5}% and the shot deals 25% more damage.

    Jenos': Heavenly God: Stellar Wind has no cooldown, increase it's speed bonus by {12.75|}%. Hold Jump while in the air without using Steallar Wind prevents falling down but he can't moves. Hold Jump while in the air with Steallar Wind it flys him upward too by {12.75|0.75}% slope.

    Mal'Damba's: River's Spirit: Mending Spirit decreases enemies Cauterize efficiency by {17|1}% on the targets. (Don't decrease only for Mending Sprit, but generally. This effect doesen't subtracted from Cauterize' one, but it is multiplied by that!)

    Pip's: Life Essence: Healing Potion marks the targets for 3s, whos gain {42.5|2.5}% lifesteal. (The lifestealed health is counted to his healing, which will gives him credits and ultimate charge too, but cauterize can't decrease this)

    Seris's: Behind the Scenes: She can heals behind barriers and increase her healing range by {42.5|2.5}%.

    Ying's: Sisters: Her illusions moves like a player in the area within 15 units from the deploy point. These haven't got any distinctive sign from the original Ying, just that they 'shoot' allies. When Ying activates Shatter they still seems like the real Ying and apparently shoot the followed enemy, but they don't deal damage with this. Using Dimensional Link is indiscernible. Increase Illusions health by {340|20}HP.


    Androxus': Shadow Slayer: He automatically enters Stealth for 2.5s when he deals a killing blow. Only his attacks exit him from this. He gains {25.5|1.5}% additional Movement Speed during Stealth.

    Buck's: Brutal Shooter: If he shots an enemy within 10 units, it will blast the target backwards by 15 units and deals {34|2}% more damage.

    Evie's: Jet Rider: She can use other skills when using Soar without stopping Soar. Increase Soar's duration by {1.275|0.075}sec.

    Lex's: Motorcycle Policeman: He recieves a {510|30}HP shield, and a motorcycle for 3.5s after kill his Retribution target. This has got the same maximum movement speed as the horse and it recieves the Master Riding bonus too. It could skid and tilt and also has got general physical propertys like acceleration. Hit Lex' motor doesn't damage him, his hitbox is smaller while he is riding. Use a skill obliterate his motorcycly. His Retribution target is revealed on every range.

    Maeve's: Window Sneaker: Increase her jump high by {42.5|2.5}%. Nine Lives resotores her remainder jumps to two. She can run on walls when she uses Prowl. When she leans from the wall she turns back to foot down position. She also can jump wall to wall.

    Muji's: Better Friend: Only one friend head can attacks at a time, but one can attacks when she uses Magice Barrier. Increase Magice Mark stacks damage bonus by {22.5|1.5}%.

    Skye's: Smoke Nourisher: "Smoke Screen's counter stops, when Skye enters to it for the first time until she doesn't leave it or she starts to shoot. Gain stealth for allies and stealth bonus to you {1.7|0.1} sec when entering the cloud.

    Talus': Rock Climber: He can climb up to walls with {85|5}% of his movement speed. He can't use skills when he is climbing. When he stops climbimg he holds on when he can also use skills. He can jump down with jump skill. He can deploy his Rune Travel onto walls too. Blitz Upper hits to the watching direction, not only to the horizontal projection. It gains damage bonus when he attacks down from holding on 5 times more than the falling high units. Shoot down's damage fall off decreases depending only on the plan view distance.

    Zhin's: Kurakkuru: Whirl deals {85|5} more damage. If it hits a wall, he rebounds max 3 times. He can also turn 0.5 degree per every units he moves while using Whirl. He gains damage immunite during the period. He can stops Whirl whenever.

    Front Lines:

    Ash's: Brutal Bash: In the 25 unit radius around the Shoulder Bash hit, an explosion takes place, which knock back the same amount as the Kinetic Burst and deals 300 damage. If you hit someone with Shoulder Bash decrease it's cooldown time by {5.1|0.3} sec.

    Barik's: Turret Tactition: Increase the amount of the deployable Turrets to 3. He can deploy them at 30 units range and these give {8.5|1.5}% reduced damage to the nearbody (within 10 units) allies.

    Fernando's: Force of Knights: Attack his closed shield or lance doesen't cause damage to him, and his charge deals {170|10} more damage.

    Inara's: Saint Field: She can deploy Warder's Field at 50 units range. It garants {17|1}% reduced damage to allies, whos standing on it.

    Makoa's: Turtle Waltz: The Dredge Anchor doesen't keeps the victim to him, but swing to the other direction until it's range or to a wall. It also stuns the target for 1 sec if it hits a wall. Reduce Dredge Anchor's cooldown time by {4.25|0.25}sec.

    Ruckus': Trampling: His jumps deals {340|20} damage in a 5 units radius area.

    Terminus': Soul Feeding: Eliminations restores the Power Siphon's charge by {25.5|1.5}% and gives 2 Calamity Charges.

    Torvald's: Crowd Paralyzer: Nullify effect to every enemies in front of him (a hemispheric area). Increase it's damage but it's duration too by {12.75|0.75}%. (the damage/sec doesn't changes)


    Bomb King's: Petard Lord: Puppy bomb has 2 charges, and increase it's knockback (for self and enemy too) by {4|2}%. Can not deploy two Puppy bombs at the same time.

    Cassie's: Roll & Loaded: Decrease Dodge Roll's cooldown time by {1.85|0.05} sec.
    [It's bonus increase is half of the original, because the remaining cooldown time's decreasing per its level is very large scaled with the Incitement card.]

    Drogoz': Digestion: Increase Fire Spit's projectile speed by 100%. He gains {51|3}% lifesteal against the enemy who's marked by a direct contact Spit. Reduce Fire Spit's cooldown time by 2 sec.

    Kinessa's: Holo Emission: Transporter places her hologram first for {1.475|0.075} sec. It has got damage immunity and endless ammo. (It seems like a a bad TV broadcast: it has got vertical transparent lines, and the transporter hover above her over the duration).
    [Its bonus increase seems to be lower, than the original, but the exploitable bonus is only {1.275|0.075} sec, because you and your enemies need 0.2 sec to realise the new place where you turned up.]

    Lian's: Servant Braker: Kill an enemy with Enlightment will refund 80% of her ultimate charge, and it deals {1675|25} damage.

    Sha Lin's: Slayer of Giaours: If the victim of Impaler Arrow dies within {1.7|0.1} sec Impaler Arrow's cooldown is resets.

    Strix': Owl's Exit: He automatically enters Stealth when he drops below 35% Health and restores {42.5|2.5}% sealth bar. This effect can happen once every 30s.

    Tyra's: Patient Hunter: Increase the Crossfire's duration by 1 sec. Also increase the Hunter's Mark's and Firebomb's duration by {2.55|0.15} sec.

    Viktor's: Besieger: He can alternating among of crouch and prone by pressing right click (the 1st click puts him to crouch). In these positions he can move with just 20% movement speed. He can end these by press F. He uses Iron Sights while he is in these positions. Decrease his damage fall off by {25.5|1.5}%.

    Vivien's: Never Forget: She deals {25.5|1.5}% more damage to enemy who dealt to her the most damage. Bonus deletes when Vivien or the hated one dies. (She don't own bonus damage until someone don't attacks her again)

    Willo's: Nature's Freedom: Flutter and Fae Flight gains 30% more movement speed and rudece Flutters cooldown by {0.17|0.01} sec per every 50 damage.
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    I would say that these would suit as better replacements for the 4th legendary cards that got added. These are muuuuuuch more creative than most, if not all, of the legendary cards that were added in OB64.
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    Just a silly idea

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    I would be happy if the least used talent of strix would be replaced by a new one wich we could shot and pierce through the wall/object doing half of max damage

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    I actually don't know, which is him the least used talent, but your idea is so cool! I have already created a similar for Cassie:
    My question is what do you think about this kind of pierce.

    I know, Legendary cards will renames to Talents, and these won't have levels any more, but if you substitute the lvl4 value to my descriptions, they will be actual too

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    lex gets a MOTORCYCLE!?!?! I WANT IN

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