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Thread: The Magistrate or the Paladins/Resistance?

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    Question The Magistrate or the Paladins/Resistance?

    First of all, please answer this question after you've watched the lore animation "A Realm Divided". If you haven't done so, here's the link:

    Anyways, now we have the info we need about the Magistrate and the Paladins/Resistance. I want know guys, which side would you rather join? The Magistrate or the Paladins/Resistance?

    For me, I'd join the Magistrate for two reasons. First my favorite champions are with it :P
    Second, the animation definitely shows us that none of the two sides are bad, but they have opposing views, but I feel that the Magistrate view is the right one. Why you ask?

    Because for centuries, before this whole magic crystal mess, the Realm was thriving in prosperity and peace under the rule of the Magistrate. However, after these crystals emerged, some used them for quite destructive and evil acts, which prompted the Magistrate to declare that such power should not be wielded by commoners to prevent further destruction and preserve peace.
    The Paladins/Resistance on the other hand think that the Magistrate did this for his own gain and waged this war for such crystals in which they believe that such crystals would do even more progress, totally ignoring the fact that with such power may also come destruction.

    I mean the Realm was already in good shape before the crystals emerged, so why want more that with this "more" comes destruction?
    So what do you guys think?
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