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Thread: NEW SUPPORT - FanChamp: Maraisa, The Lovely

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    NEW SUPPORT - FanChamp: Maraisa, The Lovely

    Name: Maraisa, The Lovely
    Health: 2550
    Class: Support


    Music Slingshot - When Maraisa pulls the elastic from the Slingshot, a small spherical energy appears that can cause continuous damages to the enemies or to recover the life of the allies. When stretched to the maximum (1,25s), it releases a small lethal energy, which deals 45 damage every 0.15s (The effect duration is 1,05s). If spherical energy penetrates allies, heal 350 immediately.

    - By stretching as possible Slingshot or stretching as little as possible, it does not alter its damage or healing. But it changes the speed of spherical energy.

    - Her movements speed doesn't change while she is stretching the slingshot.

    RMB: Hype​ -
    Maraisa gives a very loud shout that deals 500 damage to the nearest enemies and still leaves them confused, reversing their movements and abilities by 2.35s COOLDOWN 8s

    This ability is not a projectile, has it short distance and only has effect in frontal.

    - Resilience is affected, but doesn't reduce damage.

    F: Charm -
    Maraisa does a sensual dance and the enemies who are watching, are in love and move 82% slower during 3,15s. COOLDOWN 12s

    - Maraisa moves 75% slower when dancing, sensual dancing lasts 2s and if you want you can cancel this skill before the dance ends. And skill will start cooldown.

    - Resilience is affected,
    but only reduces the duration of the effect.

    Encouraging Music - Subsist the weapon for the flute, the rhythm of the music is pleasurable and leaves the allies healthier and with more disposition to fight! Heals nearby allies, 85 every 0.15s and moves 50% faster for 3.45s. COOLDOWN 12s

    Maraisa can't cancel skill if she wants to. And he can't even attack.

    - Maraisa will not be able to move twice as much, she will only gain 35% more speed in movement. In addition, she receives only 70 healing for 0.15s.

    SUPREME SKILL (E): Cry of revenge - The voice of the Maraisa is so lovely that it can even give life to its allies, it is capable of resurrecting the dead in their line of sight. But when they return to life, the resurrected will only have 55% of life.

    - She revives the dead to her vision, just like Lex's.
    - She sings angrily, and the spherical energies go toward the dead allies and resuscitate them. It takes 1.65s to be resuscitated.

    Legendary cards:

    Sling specialist - Now she does not have to stretch to shoot, she shoots in just one click, every 1,15s / 1,05s / 0,95s / 0,85s / 0,75s / 0,6s / 0,45s / 0,5s / 0,4s / 0,3s. Now causes 350 damage immediately and healing 500 immediately.

    The owner of the angel - The ult can revive on a single ally, and the ult only charges up to 60% and can be used when charging. However, the resuscitation will only have 30% / 35% / 40% / 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75% / 80% / 85% HP.

    Seductive - Now, to make enemies passionate, it's not enough just to look at Maisa, at an average reach, enemies will be in love automatically, and they will go directly towards you. But, enemies will only move slower 8% / 16% / 24% / 32% / 40% / 48% / 56% / 64% / 72% / 80%

    Iron skin - Encouraging Music also has damage reduction effect 5.75% /11.5% / 17,25% / 23% / 28,75% / 34,5% / 40,25% / 46% / 51,75% / 57,5% and shoots 0,25% / 0,4% / 0,55% / 0.7% / 0,85% / 1% / 1,15% / 1,3% / 1,45% / 1,6% faster.
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    Wow! This looks amazing!
    Now i really wanna use this champion!!

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