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Thread: Moji and Friends: Like-Dislike-Not Sure

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    I like Moji. She's basically the witch type character I always hoped Evie would be lol.

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    Beta Player Baronet Wlfvenom's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
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    I love her design and her "friends" but the fact she never has to reload and can just spam people with endless attacks meant I had to hit the dislike button.

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    I like the character moji, so the little cute rabbit with the familiar, but... she has a thing that makes me look at her in disgust, no ammo or cooling systems... hell no magic creature would survive letting out so much energy... and please give the left head some water, noone can't spit forever, the mouth should go dry after a bit!

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    Another noob friendly champion!

    You know when a worthless champion gets revealed it closes the window of other deserving ideas/concepts and that makes me sad.

    Moji is just a troll champion i mean look at her dragons they are both drunk and high as f even a 9yo will draw something nice and cute than those twin trucks.

    A huge dislike

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    Beta Player Knight
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    I like her.

    I'm a toot fan myself though, dashing around healing is fun. (Jenos)

    She is a tad squishy but that offsets her versatility.
    Yes her shield counters most ults but this is kinda mute as a drogoz unleashing salvo at point black fucks her up even if his ult is blocked first. Tip for you Drogoz prep salvo first.

    We needed a counter to Terminus's ult. She can either shield block the damage or stop him from using it by killing him with her own. Much the same as Ash or Torvald pushing him off map.

    Her ult is kinda hit or miss. I swear sometimes its a hit but misses and other time its a miss but connects.

    Allowing the target to escape is good kinda like pips ult.
    This means she could either go for the kill or interrupt someone else's ult or stop the healers from a distance.

    The toot Legendary is great as it allows for a different play style and every champion should have at least 1 legendary that allows for role change.

    This would allow for more diverse teams.
    The highest heals I got in a match using toot was 85k.

    I find the flames to be to obstructing so I don't span it.
    Give the flames a cooldown/ammo count but not the spit. Grover doesn't have a cooldown nor does Terminus.

    Scamper makes the camera jump all over the place in some map sections making it hard to control. I've run off the map cause I could see a corner properly while dashing.

    All in all I think this is my new support.

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    Forum Moderator Count HeidahnConrad's Avatar
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    Also I observed that she has the lowest cooldown of skills in all current OB65 champions since LMB and RMB have literally infinite ammo, Scamper has 5 sec CD, and Magic barrier with 7 sec CD. Total of 12 sec cooldown. Yet I still can't figure out her playstyle for her due to the erratic movement of scamper and the annoying dragons blocking my screen. Yeah I can spam but I don't really know if it's hitting anybody if I can't see somebody while spamming RMB. Thus, the LMB + RMB spam is not effective for me in my opinion.

    I also want to suggest (but this id a CRAZY idea) but make her hitbox decrease to actually Moji herself. Yes, the twin dragons are immune to damage, so you need to aim for tiny Moji to deal damage. But, that's just my crazy thought.

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    Beta Player Baron
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    Please make her F multi-directional!
    Especially with the healing legendary card this is important!

    Like a movement speed boost with 3rd person prospective for a short amount of time
    ''No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place''


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