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Thread: Moji and Friends: Like-Dislike-Not Sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyRuff View Post
    Her barrier stops drogoz ult, rip drogoz LOL
    Great... Was the Vivian bug fixed for that? or was that just intentional?
    Protect your supports please... They want support too!
    Support main/Pip main. Greatest healing: 230,070 | Current goal: 200,000 achieved! Take a look at it! Woohoo!

    Just a silly idea

    Support Pip guide here!

    Fix the Pip bugs! There are 40 of them, so can we fix them please?

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    Mojin Boo is funny. Turn his enemy into cookies. We will see Babidi, Vegeta and Goku in OB66.

    Do something with Moji's LMB and she will more more than just holding LMB and RMB. Please Hi-rez.

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    I'd rather get OB65 fully dedicated to be a huge bugfixing marathon. Because i can already feel the salt from everyone about her bugs.
    Reasons why you lose your ranked games:

    1. Just blame Skye

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    I had fun in the couple of training games I had as her in the PTS, though I have a feeling that Yummy + Morale Boost will prove to be quite overpowered
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    Quote Originally Posted by CatManDude View Post
    Just looking at her kit, it feels very generic to me. Also, did we need another insta-kill ult, and a potential of healing allies, on a non support character? The 'And friends' part made it sound like she was going to be a summoner thing, but I was wrong.
    Another pip? i just noticed she have pip role flankSuportDmg:O
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    Moji is cool. Moji is original. Moji is fresh. Moji is lit. Moji is gas. Moji is fire. Moji is life. Moji is bae.

    Rmb needs a charge bar with a reload cd. Thats the only thing i see that needs to be fixed imo

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    I like the new champion, I do not like that is the lack of vertical mobility in the majority of the new champions. After willo the only champion with vertical mobility is terminus and they have released 3 flanks since willo

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    They need to add a recharge/cooldown on the breath weapon. As it is now players have figured out you just need to hold down the RMB in combat and tap the LMB every other second.

    Maybe give the lizard a "lung capacity" or make it impossible to spam RMB and LMB at the same time.

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    She's fun, but as flanker seems a little bit squishy considering her damage is average, imo. If you look at other flankers you'll see they have better mobility(well not Skye maybe) to compensate it.

    She needs more mobility or selfsustain, because her F is really bad for a flanker with such big model and lack of vertical gameplay. It slow, short range and you can easily get hit.

    It feels like Hi-Rez wanted to make new Tank, DD or Support champ, stuffed her with different abilities from each and then decided to call her "flank".

    She have shield, great, but does it really helps in a way it should be? I mean for a flank? Yeah you activate it when you're in a pinch(and just stare at your opponent not able to do anything, not even able to cancel it), but you're in the enemy backlines alone, surrounded by 2+ enemies. Sure it's time to run! You press F and... wait what? It's like 5 meters or less with turtle speed? Come on. Every other flank with no vertical gameplay have better escapes. Not to mention that other flanks don't need to rely on some weird mechanics to do their full dmg.

    Also that two big heads + RMB breath makes it's hard to understand what's going on on the screen sometimes.

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    Beta Player Baron
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    I hate her. She's not good, but she's not fun to play against, either. She constantly spews visual clutter. Her shield ignores all ults, cc and damage, but still isn't what her kit needs. Most people I've seen playing her have maxed morale boost as quickly as possible, which just increases how she's mediocre overall but very unfun to play against.

    Moji is consistent with the new direction of Paladins as a comedy game. The design goal was to make people laugh. There wasn't much thought to balance or gameplay.

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