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Thread: January Rant Thread

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    I had a match when our drogoz had a bomb king voice line with bk spray and bk ult sound i dont know cry or laugh.. this game has a good potential to beat overwatch, but sadly paladins has hirez... look at fortnite, 2 million people the same time, no p2w bullshits, no bugs, etc., because fortnite has a good developer team.... this game dont, they just put more bug patch after patch, manage to make the worst matchmaking system in the mp games history, make unbalance champs, then over buff underpowered champs, then over nerf overpowered champs.... they dont know what they are doing, manage to fucked up the only thing that worked well in the game the card system to... then we have this paladins battlegrounds , what an original name with an original idea, but this can be good, so i dont judge until i played it, looked good in the gameplay video, but as i know hirez, they gonna fuck up this to...
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