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Thread: Is it just me or does torvald do too much damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhew8462 View Post
    I main Torvald but I'm a pusher not a static front line.
    I use the runic recharge Leg with the speed boosting card and item and I close the gap on most flanks or backlines fast.
    Nullify to prevent or interrupt escape and finish them off.
    Then I return to point and wait to see where they're coming from.

    I got sick of waiting for someone to deal with Vivian Kinessa or Strix while they take pot shots at me.

    But it works well against most champions and catches a lot of people off guard. Especially by speed boost 2, 3 I feel like a land based Maeve.

    As for Torvald possibly being stronger.
    I have noticed a glitch where I'll fire a large amount of my clip in a single shot.
    It makes a loud bang when this happens and I've pretty much 1 shot a Kinessa after nullifying her escape.

    I can't cause this to happen but it's happened enough for me to have taken notice.

    Maybe that's what you've seen is the glitch fire not an actual buff.

    i like to flank too with frontlines when the flanks are either not doing their job or theyre having a hard time to do it by themselves

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