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Thread: i am looking to join a team (PS4)

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    Post i am looking to join a team (PS4)

    hi i am a paladins player, i want to take the game to the next level. i have not completed my ranked matches yet but once i do i will update this

    here is my stats

    - age - 13
    - name - Evan
    -social media- i play on youtube/twitch, i have not played paladins in a wile but i will get back to it,
    links - i go under the name "evan Can opener"
    - skill/rank - sadly a silver 3, i am willing to learn to be better.
    - i am american and speak fluent english.
    -play - i can play willow maldumba EDIT: im not a bad stirks
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    A team would most value someone with a high range of skill on all classes I'd say. Also, if you're looking for competitive, they'd probably want someone who's at the very least, a Master.
    Most lower ranks can play those 3, but to play them well is a whole new matter. You'd need to be hitting almost every Damba heal, able to consistently stun, and use Gourds tactically. Willo is good, but easily countered, especially with so much Hitscan now! I'm sadly EU, else I'd have a few games with you. I'm working back up my rank after not playing ranked in a while so I would have helped you climb a bit!

    Good luck!
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