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Thread: Open Beta 64 Patch Notes | December 6

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    Btw, 750 dps Nando, casual Flanknando will be crazy

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    Can you make the card levels have less of an impact so those who grind don't have as much of an advantage over new players?

    Ex: Level 1 card has a base effect, then each level increases that effect by 10% up to 40% at level 5.

    P.S: You should increase all champions HP by 10%-20%, considering so many of the new legendary cards just increase damage.

    Overall, I'm not too fond of this card system but atleast essence is gone.
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    It's idiotic. I have almost all cards which means that after OB64 I will have a card on 3 lvl. On Lex example. I have loadout with card gives me 20% movement speed. After update I will have a card that gives me 12% movement speed (3 lvl) so if I wanna card that I have now I must grind it. Hi rez are trying to sell me something I already have.
    I dowloaded PTS. I opened like 200 chest and I still have nothing. GG Hi-rez.

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    The card system for casuals should still be the same for competitive. Limit of 3. So players can still practice for competitive without changing their playstyle. Smooth transition from casuals to ranked.

    And also to differentiate casuals and competitive, how about players can change champions in the middle of the match for the revamped casuals. That would make new players try different champions anytime they want. Not just wait for the game to end.

    And retain the one champion limit for competitive with all the balancing in effect.

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    The only thing that I can say is this: If this new patch comes to the oficial server... I will buy overwatch... i'm starting to hate this game for real... game is already grinding, now will he became pay to win? Ty you hi rez, this game will die at this rate

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    it's impossible for me to comment card unbound without using insults of the worst, personal kind and this is a thing to do face to face, I leave in Italy so I won't do it, let's just say that it looks like a reason good enough to unistall this game and never look at anything that you do.

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    Loving these changes! This game was starting to get really stale and boring. Getting access to every card and having Ranked fixed at level 3, while having Quick Play and 10 free champion chests a day to earn for duping cards? Pretty exciting! More legendary cards and more options. Thanks HiRez, excited to log in again!

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    So using Frontliner Legendary keys:

    -7200 crystals spend and I got Makoa's legendaries at 3, the first character to reach that level to be on an """even""" playing field with a old player on minute 1 of the patch, via 48 chests so add another 2400 to that price

    -I dont believe I got a single non legendary card to rank 3
    So I spent over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS WORTH OF CRYSTALS to barely be equally to a long time player

    11k spent until the server died
    Mind you this was with a booster and all the chests for "free" from upgrading VIP

    I dont believe I got a single non legendary card to rank 3

    "Paladins is even more free to play."

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    I really don't understand people saying that this will be pay-to-win and throwing balance out of the window. Been playing for a almost a year now and have a hold of almost everything on the game, all the cards and I can assure you, playing with self-made loadouts and predetermined ones, that they are not indication that having more cards means you are going to be OP and win.

    Skill is still the name of the game a not little percentage boost that a card gives you is gonna save you if you don't know how to aim and when/where use your abilities.

    I'm excited about this knew change as it gives me a reason to care about Radiant Chests again and gets rid of all my useless Essence. I can finally use all of that Gold for buying Mastery items and more Radiant Chests, also nobody as been even able to try the darn thing since PTS is down. So relax a little boys, you haven't even seen the cards in action yet, I assume most of the "OP Cards" are gonna cancel with each other (if you know what are you doing, again, Skill).

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    This new system is terrible, and just flat-out bad for the consumer. The grind is completely unbearable now with this, and it is complete and utter bs. It forces you into two situations: Always be weak or Pay real money (via the Enchanted Keys) to at least get better legendaries faster...

    And yes, the grind is far worst now than compared to the grind with essence. I rather keep the bleeping essence system because it is at least fairer and better... Hi-Rez, you are going to kill this game if you do this system. No new player will enjoy it, and your more experienced players are going to be so screwed in the arse in casual to the point where everyone will only play competitive, which in turn will become a complete shit-show of everyone doing the same god damn thing over and over and over and over and over and over again...

    Literally everything about the game and what made it so good will die off if this new system happens. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN! USE YOUR BRAINS!
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