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Thread: OB64 PTS Update #8

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    OB64 PTS Update #8


    • Queue system has been updated
      • Arcade (Unbound Modes)
        • Siege
        • Payload
        • Onslaught
        • Test Maps
      • Siege
        • Unbound Siege
        • Classic Siege
        • Competitive (Siege)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Inara’s Treacherous Ground cripple effect not dissipating
    • Fixed Strixs Ambush text values not matching with actual values
    • Updated First Win of the Day message
    • Fixed missing First Win of the Day icons to show on applicable Practice queues
    • Fixed Vivian’s missing Title message
    • Changed message in bound queues upon entering match from “competitive” to “bound”

    Card Fixes

    • Fixed Viktor’s Shrapnel giving Grenade 30 more damage than text value
    • Fixed Skye’s Emergency Exit Card Cooldown not reducing with level
    • Fixed Lex’s Restock not granting ammo on kills
    • Fixed Lex’s Law Won Legendary that was missing art
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