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Thread: Open Beta 64 Patch Notes | December 6

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    Open Beta 64 Patch Notes | December 6

    Do You Wanna Build a Bomb King?
    Open Beta 64 Patch Notes | December 6th
    Beta Expectations
    PTS Instructions

    Updated 12/8: Read the PTS Update #5 for full details.
    Updated 12/1: Updated the card count needed to progress levels.
    Updated 11/30: Some of Ying's cards were listed under Willo.


    VIP Milestones

    “VIP has been a popular player option. In appreciation of our VIP supporters, we are adding more value and content to the program.”

    • VIP Chat Badge
      • “VIP’s will now display their prestige with a chat badge that signifies their VIP rank!”
    • Tiered Rewards
      • “The more you earn, the more you earn! As you hit your VIP point milestones, you will receive Stacking bonuses.”
      • Tier 1
        • +5% Account XP Earned
        • +5% Champion Mastery Earned
        • +2% Gold Earned
        • +2% VIP Points Earned
        • +5% Discount on VIP Store Items
      • Tier 2
        • +8% Account XP Earned
        • +8% Champion Mastery Earned
        • +3% Gold Earned
        • +3% VIP Points Earned
        • +7% Discount on VIP Store Items
      • Tier 3
        • +10% Account XP Earned
        • +10% Champion Mastery Earned
        • +5% Gold Earned
        • +5% VIP Points Earned
        • +10% Discount on VIP Store Items
      • Tier 4
        • +12% Account XP Earned
        • +12% Champion Mastery Earned
        • +8% Gold Earned
        • +8% VIP Points Earned
        • +15% Discount on VIP Store Items
      • Tier 5
        • +15% Account XP Earned
        • +15% Champion Mastery Earned
        • +10% Gold Earned
        • +10% VIP Points Earned
        • +20% Discount on VIP Store Items
    • Content Rewards
      • Tier 1
        • Imperator Androxus Collection
          • Champion Skin + Weapon
      • Tier 2
        • Dynamic Spray
          • “Slayer Spray”
            • Tracks the number of kills you’ve earned
      • Tier 3
        • Title
          • “The VIP”
      • Tier 4
    • Tier 5
      • Epic Mount
        • Coming Soon
    • New VIP logo

    Cards Unbound: A New Card Collection & Upgrade System

    ”With this update, we introduce a significant overhaul to how cards work. We have a more detailed blog post available on the changes, but here’s the TL;DR:

    • Essence is gone. Yay!
    • Paladins is even more free to play. All Cards (Basic and Legendary) are now free and immediately unlocked, and can be levelled up by collecting duplicates.
    • In the new over-the-top Quick Play mode (replacing Casual queue), you can play exactly how you want to play. Just build a loadout of your five favorite Cards -- no point limit restrictions.
    • Ranked Mode is now more balanced and competitive than ever before, with all Cards unlocked and set to Level 4.”

    • Full development blog and commentary on the changes here:
    • Essence has been removed from the game. Players with Essence will have the currency converted to Gold at a 1-to-1 ratio. And all previous Essence rewards have been changed.
    • Level 1 of all Cards (Basic and Legendary) for all Champions are now free and immediately unlocked
    • A new Legendary has been added for each Champion. Like all other cards, all players will be granted these new Legendary Cards at Level 1 for free.
    • Cards and Legendaries can now be upgraded from Level 1 to 10 by collecting duplicate cards. Cards and Legendaries come from the Radiant Chest and a new Champion Chest, which will drop champion-specific Cards and champion-specific Legendaries.
    • Cards will auto-upgrade when the requisite number have been collected. There is no currency required to upgrade cards.
    • Champion Chests are unlocked free via Champion Mastery and for first wins of the day with a Champion (up to maximum of 5 FWOTD Champion Chests per day).
    • Champion Chests are purchasable for 7500 Gold, allowing players to more easily level up cards on their favorite Champions.
    • Capped maximum Gold earned per day at 10,000 (corresponding to roughly 100 games played per day). This cap is raised to 15,000 Gold while an Account Booster is active to allow players to gain gold from roughly the same number of games played.
    • Players who have already unlocked Cards (Basic and Legendaries) will receive those Cards at Level 4.
    • All Champions now have 3 default loadouts to accommodate different playstyles. Custom loadouts can still be created.
    • All new players now have one starting loadout with all cards set to Level 4, and a Legendary also set to Level 4.
    • With the introduction of the new card system, one starting Level 4 loadout, and two additional default loadouts, players’ specific custom loadouts have been reset and will need to be recreated.
    • Quick Play Queue is new mode replacing Casual Queue. In this Queue the player can build a deck with no point-limit using the Cards he or she has acquired. Up to five Level 10 cards can be used in a loadout.
    • In Ranked, all player loadouts will have Cards and Legendary automatically set to Level 4. If your loadout contains cards higher than 4 they will be set to 4 in Ranked. If your loadout contains cards lower than 4 they will be set to 4 in Ranked.
      “This ensures that Ranked is all about player skill. There is no longer any grind for Cards in Ranked.”
    • Custom Match creation has a new Loadout Style option. Loadout Style of ‘Competitive’ will set cards and legendaries to level 4. This is the option that will be will be used for esports tournaments.
    • Due to the size and scope of this change, PTS will run longer than normal. Please play during PTS and give us feedback!
    • Upon initial release of this system there will be no Crystal (premium currency) purchase option for Champion Chests. “We want to make sure the free player experience is well tuned before introducing microtransactions.”
    • Below are the required number of duplicates needed to level up a card:

    New Rarity: Limited

    “We’ve had Limited items in the past -- such as Invitational 2017 Fernando. These are items available for a limited time only, and their limited status will now be reflected as a new rarity level.”

    New Match Lobby presentation

    “We are releasing an upgrade to our pre-match lobby presentation in this patch! We wanted to make the Champion and team presentation better integrated with the fantasy setting and Realm of Paladins -- and more visually appealing. This change allowed us to bring back a closer presentation and intro animation for the Champion you choose to play, and gives us a way to better showcase the Champions and their individual personalities moving forward.”

    • Adding Lore Quests

      • A new quest chain where each quest unlocks a random champion’s bio section in their Champion page.
      • Each day from Dec 13th - Jan 15th a new quest in the chain will be activated.
      • Complete all the Lore Quests in time to unlock a Diamond Chest.
      • “We are starting to introduce the lore and backstories of the Champions of the Realm through exciting and new special quests. By playing the game during this special event you can unlock information about your favorite champions.”
    • Added 4 New Special Quests
      • Defender’s Honor
        • One Time
        • Play 2 Games a Front Line Champion
        • Reward: 1 Front Line Legendary Key
      • Healer’s Heart
        • One Time
        • Play 2 Games a Support Champion
        • Reward: 1 Support Legendary Key
      • Warrior’s Courage
        • One Time
        • Play 2 Games a Damage Champion
        • Reward: 1 Damage Legendary Key
      • Assassin’s Cunning
        • One Time
        • Play 2 Games a Flank Champion
        • Reward: 1 Flank Legendary Key

    Shooting Range
    • The center Structure in the shooting range has been removed and you can purchases items anywhere.

    Pricing Changes
    • Radiant Chests
      • No longer have a crystal price
    • Legendary Enchanted Key
      • Price decreased from 125 crystals to 100 crystals

    Default Crosshair

    Changed for the below champions:
    • Jenos
    • Kinessa
    • Lex
    • Strix
    • Lian
    • Ruckus
    • Skye

    General Bug Fixes

    • Daily Quests - All known Daily Quest bugs have been fixed
    • Fixed an issue with Audio levels for Inara and Bomb King
    • Fixed an issue with Auto Item Purchase with Vivian
    • Fixed a visual issue with Vivian’s Sentinels
    • Fixed an issue with Grover’s Blossom not healing multiple Alllies



    • Exclusive Content
      • Androxus
        • Imperator
          • Champion Skin + Weapon
      • Seris
        • Divine
          • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
    • Current Rotation



    • Snowflake


    • Festive Chest
      • Mounts
        • Snowflake
      • Champion Skins
        • A-bomb-idable (Bomb King)
        • Merrymaker (Evie)
      • Accessories
        • Jolly Holly (Willo)
        • Tough Cookie (Fernando)
        • Chill Weave Beanie (Kinessa)
        • Dasher’s Antlers (Androxus)
        • Frosty Foliage (Grover)
      • Weapons
        • A-bomb-idable Helpers (Bomb King)
        • Spitzen (Mal’Damba)
        • Polaris (Jenos)
        • Barrier Wreath (Makoa)
        • Merrymaker Cane (Evie)
        • Festive Blunderbuss (Barik)
        • Snow Cannon (Makoa)
        • Festive Launcher (Pip)
        • Jolly Long Bow (Sha Lin)
      • Emotes
        • Double Axel (Evie)


    • New Onslaught map: Magistrate's Archives
      “We are really excited to be releasing our second map in the Stone Keep setting of Paladins. This Onslaught-specific map has allowed us to go deeper into the Magistrate’s keep, providing a great game play location and an opportunity to introduce a new setting tied to the conflict in the Realm and backstory of some of our Champions.”
    • Removed Onslaught versions of Jaguar Falls and Brightmarsh.
    • Test Queue rotation
      • Add
        • Triumph
        • Waterway
        • Arid V2
        • Eastwatch
        • Salt


    Click here to read the full Champion, Card, and Legendary balance changes.
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    What a massive, massive post. Easily the biggest patch since OB44.
    Moderator of /r/Paladins

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    Ho ho ho I'm pumped
    Join us in The Realm and at /r/PaladinsStrategies!

    Front Line: Ash, level 10, Flanknando, level 9,Terminus, level 6
    Support: Seris, levlel 11, Jenos, level 7
    Damage: Lian, level 6
    Flank: Zhin, level 15

    Most Objective Time: 530, Barik, 11/24
    Most Healing: 127,155, Jenos, 10/29
    Most Damage: 148,527, Fernando 8/27
    Most Killing Blows: 27, Zhin, 8/25

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    5 bug fixes. 5. Out of the tens or maybe more so that I can think of off hand. Glad to see they decided to do something different instead of polishing the game, again

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    What a fuc*ing joke!

    Look at this!


    Extended Magazines
    [Advance] Advance generates 10/20/30/40/50 Ammo.
    Increased ammo generated per rank from 5 to 10.
    [Advance] Activating Advance grants 4/8/12/16/20% damage reduction for 3s.
    Legendary Cards
    Aerial Assault
    [Advance] Advance gains a 3rd charge, standing still causes Ruckus to jet upwards, and the cooldown of Advance is reduced by .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5s.
    Now reduces the cooldown of Advance.--

    So if you spend enough money to get these 3 cards to level 5 in casual, your dash with Ruckus will have 3 charges, each with 1.5 seconds of cooldown AND each time you use your dash, you reload 50 bullets for free and gain a buff of 20% damage reduction for 3 seconds, which means you can keep dashing and keep the buff the entire time, your won't even need to reload.

    Now if you just unlocked Ruckus and can't buy chests to get all the duplicates you need to level up the cards in the new system coming next patch, then you have the same 3 dashes, but with only 0.5 of reduction in your dash cooldown (making it 2.5 seconds of cooldown), wil only reload 10 bullets per dash and only receives 4% of damage reduction.

    F*** this bullsh*t!

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    Evie got buffed
    Thank you for killing my favorite character and the game.
    No reason to play anymore.
    Good to know you want your game to be an E-sport but balance for Bronze players.

    Some stuff that might help!
    The ultimate Evie guide!
    Haven and Blast shields damage reduction charts
    List of Evie's current bugs
    How to properly fix Evie. Join the discussion!

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    I have to ask. Why do we keep doing these MASSIVE balance swings. How do you expect to balance a game if every few months you make drastic balance decisions.

    I love the idea of additional legendaries, i hate that they implemented them with so many other changes as well. Just ASKING for trouble, just like when legendaries were first introduced, and just like the projectile changes patch. This new system is going to lol stomp on new players considering the match maker. Which is ironic considering they did this to lure in new players.

    I'll give credit where its due though, at least they are extending PTS because of it
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    disenchant all your cards now when u have the chance that way u get extra gold

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    I can't even get passed the 43 duplicates needed to get to a lvl 5 common.

    What the hell man.


    Will update with more bad news.


    Power of the abyss - now 60% for ranked. wow.

    Also, where are the rest of the cards. I didn't realize some characters only have 3 cards LOL.
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    congratulations hi rez
    you just killed PALADINS
    leaked info about OB65

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