A lot of people seem not to be aware of the discerning line between useful and useless feedback when it comes to balancing, so I have created this small-to-my-standards tutorial on how to contribute to balance the game better. Please note, non-constructive feedback is ignored by HiRez, so I'm posting this text to explain why this forum will be further moderated from now on. It's better than let 12312351 "nerf X" threads then wondering why "HiRez won't listen". Besides, by keeping only constructive posts here, your chances of being listened to will rocket up.

Please note, however, that this is NOT retroactive, because I will NOT review 5,000 threads (again) to check for those stuff.

First things first:

What does 'constructive' mean?

Now, some hints and tips:

1 - Don't overthink. Simply organize your reasoning, your arguments and your explanation.
2 - Don't rush, however, find the balance.
3 - Personal experience helps, but isn't a determining factor. If your experience was the key determination, you’d be on top3 in world rankings, which you are not.
4 - Check for repeated threads. If someone else posted about the same champion, posts will be merged.
5 - Please, OH PLEASE, be sure to have played said champion until mastery 10. Don't get a mastery 1 champion, try it on ranked matches then ask for a buff because you got wrecked.
6 - Be unbiased. Don't ask for a nerf for a specific flank because you play damage and you are getting preyed by it, for instance. It's not constructive nor helpful at all to say "Nerf Skye because she's killing me all the time".
7 - Make sure you have knowledge about the champion. Complaining that Terminus is too strong at melee range, which he was designed to be, is the same of leaving a blank post. Please be sure not to complain that a character is good on what it was exactly meant to be good at.
8 - Please consider win rate of said character. It's one of the determining factors about balance changes. Terminus himself got toned down because his winrate overall was just too high.
9 – Don’t think about YOURSELF when posting. Think about everyone else.
10 – Balancing a character requires it compared with the entire roster, and that process isn’t simple, so the answer isn’t simple as well. No, you don’t know more than the developers of the game, so you are not stating the obvious here. Get some good arguments, please.

Examples of NON-CONSTRUCTIVE posts:

1 - "Lex is OP. He's wrecking my team all the time" - This isn't stating that Lex is unbalanced, you are simply asking a character to be changed because YOU can't counterplay it.
2 - "Nerf/Buff X". Game developers don't use this expression at all. They simply use the expression 'balance'. When you ask for a nerf/buff you simply want to play that character better or not to be disrupted when playing by the champion you want changed. The game will not be adjusted to your whims, cold reality moment.
3 - “Terminus is too strong. NERF!”. Not an argument. Make a thread like this and it will be closed.
4 – “Counter is too powerful, there’s nothing I can do about it”. Again, you are just explaining your skill, not really showing anything about the skill you are mentioning.
5 – “Reversal needs to be improved because it’s not killing the enemies”. I have seen Androxus players jumping on a Salvo and redirecting them to the enemy tank, so this is really not helping at all.

Examples of CONSTRUCTIVE posts:

1 – “Tyra is practically meaning a free win to the team, look at her winrate on those charts”. Excellent addition. You are showing how a character affects the entire playerbase, which means that you are thinking about everyone, not yourself. Keep it like that.
2 – “Torvald’s DPS is too high, his priority pick in relation to all other front-lines is too high, he can do the same as the others but betters”. Good, you have raised a good discussion. Even if it turns out not to be true, we have at least something to consider in here, yes.
3 – “Grohk support skills lack too much, he is fitting better as damage”. Well, HiRez did state they want some classes to feel like hybrid, but Grohk would primordially be a support, so this can be considered constructive.
4 - “Vivian’s damage redirect card is too high, making her practically immortal”. Another good one, not because it’s Vivian, but because you are pointing up an imbalance. You are explaining that a damage can act like a Front-Line due to this functionality, not in the hybrid aspect, but as if she was solely a Front-Line, almost a Ruckus Jr.
5 – “Lex’s minimum accuracy makes all his skills obsolete, you can just spam LMB on an enemy”. I shouldn’t incite hateposts against Lex, but still. From the moment a character has a skill that is completely obsolete, like Androxus’ old Defiance, then balance has a problem. All skills must find a good moment to use, even if they are situational. When a character has only one strategy or one skill that renders all further options fully obsolete, that must be looked into.

Have in mind that the objective of this ‘manual’ is NOT to restrain people from posting, but to HELP people to make more constructive posts so to help the game into being balanced more efficiently. I will say again: balance team does not listen to non-constructive threads, so it’ll be better to have 100 influencing threads than 10,000 ignored threads.

Here’s an example of an amazing constructive thread that all others users should thrive to make.

Wear sunscreen and exercise properly.