Riksen - The Hailstorm

I had an idea for this guy before Vivian came out so don't judge me for their similarities. Saying that, she's been very useful for comparing stats and the like.

Riksen is a mercenary type soldier - think somewhere between a Viking and Expendables in appearance. He carries a tripod/turret thing on his back and two different pistols.

Role: Damage
Health: 2400
Speed: 380

Average damage health and speed.

LMB: Machine Pistol
Fires a shot every 0.12s dealing 180 damage each with large and unpredictable recoil.
Has a reload time between shots of 1.4s.
Effective up to medium range.
Can deal headshot damage.

Rate of fire is between Tyra and Vivian, damage closer to Vivian and dps is highest of the three but only at short range due to the recoil. You also have to account for a lower clip size.

RMB: Shotslinger
Fire your sidearm shooting 15 projectiles dealing a total 900 damage.
Effective at very short range.
Cooldown: 8s.

The second pistol looks like a flare gun but obviously functions like a shotgun. The spread is similar to the old Buck so its main use is for deterring enemies from invading your personal space. The action involves drawing and firing in your left hand cowboy-style.

Q: Heavy Ordnance
Deploy the turret from your back and fix your weapon to it.
Deal an extra 35 damage per shot, greatly increase your accuracy and increase range before drop-off.
Can aim and rotate but cannot move.
1s wind-up time.
Cooldown: -

The main piece of his kit nearly brings his dps up to 1800 without accounting for wrecker/headshots but being immobilised is obviously a huge drawback. Let him find a good position and he'll dominate an open area just like Vivian/Ruckus/Kinessa. He still has to deal with ammo though.

F: Take Cover
Leap to the floor and scramble away.
Cooldown: 7s

One of the shorter movement abilities- similar range to Lex or Lian and is probably better used to dodge a sniper/Makoa Hook/Shoulder Bash than as an actual escape. Can be useful for getting behind corners or abandoning a high ledge or something.

E: Suppression Round
Loads 36 ammunition with increased accuracy (up to 100% with turret), 50% more damage and no recoil. Each shot applies a small knockback.

Lasts until those bullets have been fired - reloading early will refund a small amount of charge. Being able to stop firing carry on somewhere else makes it a little more flexible than Tyra's or Ruckus' ults and the knockback allows for a little disruption too.

Double or Nothing - Double your ammunition capacity. Doesn't affect Suppression Round.
Survival - Move 15% faster and heal 450 whenever activating Take Cover.
Eagle's Nest (Default) - Generate a personal shield from 50% of damage done while using Heavy Ordnance. Stacks up to 1000 and is lost 2.5s after disabling the ability.

Please drop any suggestions/criticisms. Let me know if you think he'd have been a better concept than Vivian. I might get round to some cards and stuff at a later point too.