A big, ungainly, hunchbacked amphibious creature adorned with odd scraps of armor and cloth. He was abandoned in a swamp and knows nothing of his species or where he came from. Friend of Talus? Lives on the edges of civilization, is devoted to the god he says came to him in a dream and to healing others. He carries a scepter-like holy symbol made from a crooked root entwined around a crystal through which he channels all his abilities.

Primary Fire: Holy Fire: medium-high damage, low-medium fire rate energy beam, causes slight heal if striking ally.

Alt Fire: Direct heal to ally with small shield (100?)

F: Teleports to ally within line of sight, granting both small shield.

Q: Holy Aura: Becomes stationary while engulfing the area around him in holy energy. Slows and burns enemies while healing allies. Lasts for a few seconds.

Ultimate: Sacrifice: Explodes with holy energy, healing all allies heavily over time and grants moderate shield while burning enemies within short-medium range over time. Dies.

Legendary 1: Doesn't die if heals (or damages?) below a certain threshold but loses 70% of charge?

Legendary 2: Gains increased speed (and in-hand damage?) proportionally to healing done for 2 seconds with 20 second cooldown?

Legendary 3: All shields from abilities are stronger?

Cards, besides standard cooldown reductions and such, should revolve around being strengthened in various ways by healing and shielding others.