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Thread: Area Attack Change items please

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    Seriously I don't understand why you are complaining about area damage. Contrary to your belief, AOE Damagers DO need skill to hit their targets (for example, Drogoz must have precise aim to hit his rockets; same for bomb king too) If your proposed "rework" goes live, ALL aoe Damagers will be dead. You mentioned that full damage will still be dealt if its a direct hit on the champion with the area projectile in your rework, but you forgot something. When I choose an AOE damager, I choose it just so I can deal damage to grouped up enemies. If I cannot do that(because AOE damage is countered by your rework), why should I take bomb king, whose bombs deal only 900 damage, instead of shalin, who deals 1000 damage per shot? I hope you seriously reconsider your proposal.

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    You say stuff like "Shalin's arrows are ez dodge" when Willo's shots are even slower and can be dodged as easy just by holding a direction away from the projectile

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