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Thread: Demoted after playing 3 matches where a teammate crashed before the start

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    Demoted after playing 3 matches where a teammate crashed before the start

    I gonna make a post like this at every place where I can hope some answer for this (reddit, twitter, etc.) because I kinda fell I got robbed a rank.
    So basically I lost 5 matches in a row after a promotion so I got push back. 2 of those matches was on me and on my team but in 3 of them one of my teammates crashed before the match so we basically had to play 4v5.

    So I would have 3 questions

    1. Why the match start when one of team full? it should postpone it or just cancel it on the spot.
    2. Why it is become so frequent. I had no issue for a month and then 3 in a row at level 0 tp. It is almost the game purposefully wants to screw me (I'm joking - kinda) (edit just for the record I getting bots even casuals in the last 2 days)
    3. Why you're punished for it? It is a bad enough that you are basically playing 4v5 because the bots are basically cannon fodder but the fact that you can get TP lose and even demotion is just unacceptable. Also even if by some miracle the disconnected player can reconnect, he can't choose legendary and load-out or even sometime (although rarely) he cannot even uses some of his abilities.
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