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Thread: Hello, new to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Ilpalazzo View Post
    If you enjoy playing support, I love Pip, Ying and Seris the most so far. I'm starting to get good with Talus for flanker and Ash for tank. Ash has some cool cards that lets you make knockback builds.
    Oh my goodness, I loved Seris the moment I saw her. I swear I actually formed my art project around her without even playing her. I'm trying to get the hang of her play style now.

    (And if you're wondering what the art project is, it's a paper mache grave with vines traveling up the tombstone. Then hanging off of the vines will be her weapon, ahh it's so cool)
    Time's Ticking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J4P4N View Post
    hii welcome XD . I'm newbie too . I think you should try Buck or Andro because this both champion the best ever if you really master it .
    I tried Buck out and he was super cool
    Time's Ticking!

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