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Thread: Champion Concept. The Lizard Mage

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    Champion Concept. The Lizard Mage

    As you see in the title HE is in the same species as Drogoz but he is an elder. His weapon is a staff which could be runic to be tight to the game.
    He has 2 meters, One attack magic meter that is the same as Fernandos and Grohks and a second that chargies slowly over time and is used to enhance his abilities

    Class: Support
    Speed: 370

    LeftMouse: Soul stream.
    Effective up to middle range 50damage every 0,05 seconds
    He will shoot projectiles a in a cone shape and there will be no reload animation but a magic meter like Grohks. If the magic meter is emty he can keep shooting using hes life energy (health). No damage dropof but big spread

    RightMouse: Soul Spear. (for charged shot hold down the button)
    Normal shot: Healing 600 up front + 600 in 2 seconds, damage 500
    Charge shot: Healing Same but in AOE if the target you heal so it can also heal nearby allys Damage 500 AOE
    No damage Dropoff, Projectile speed 600 (cassies bolts) cooldown 2 seconds
    Uses up 1/4 of the magic meter if charge

    Q: Defence obelisk
    You deploy an ovelisk similarly to inaras wall
    What it does is it absorbs 30% of damage that is done to his allys that have line of sight with it and it turnes it into magic energy. When destroyed by the enemy it explodes dealing 20% of the damage absorved in an AOE similar to Yings clones, It will be tall like inaras wall

    Runtime 10Seconds
    Cooldown 12 seconds

    F: Basicly Tracers blink from OW: He can use magic energy to blink a second time before the cooldown ends but the cooldown resets
    Cooldown 8Seconds
    Uses 3/4 of the magic meter

    E: Magic Shield: Universal 30% damage redactions like Yings ult
    Effect last for 8seconds
    Charged with magic it last for 10seconds
    Uses all the magic meter but it can be used iven if it is half full.

    Legendary card 1: 50% More magic meter, 15% faster passive recharge
    Legendary card 2: Sould arrow Penetrays allys so you can heal and damage the same time or heal multiple allys
    Legendary 3: The obelisk protects you for 50%

    If you can help me with names for cards and the champion and abilities it would be awesome
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    My champion concept the lizard mage
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    Ultimate should be dragon punch kek. /s

    The healing amount in his RMB is not enough, especially given the fact that it is his only healing ability.

    Maybe the F should be changed, as it is literally Tracer's ability.
    I want to make a Dark Humor Off-Topic thread...

    But this forum's rules are not going to let that happen...

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