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    Forums Newsletter Issue #3

    ^Click for link^
    Well, here I am again.
    Today, I am bringing you the THIRD issue of the Paladins Forums Newsletter. That's right. The non-existent hype is over ;v!

    We have taken a look at the feedback, and come to a general conlcusion that we need to make it look better. Eloxist, our design expert
    definitely did a good job as (in our opinion) this issue looks GREAT!

    OB63 has come out, and we bring you a summary of the patch notes.
    With the recent mobility nerfs: an article on More or Less mobility.
    The usual Fan Art, trending threads, and featured guide.

    Borvik Publisher/Editor/Resources
    TheFlamingGhost: Writer/Resources
    Kaydude2010: Writer/Resources
    Eloxist: Writer/Desgin
    Harlequin98: Cover Design

    We would also like to announce that we are still hiring an editor/resources! Message me on discord for info or to apply!

    We hope you enjoy this issue! Do you have any feedback? Leave it right here on this thread! We are always looking at our flaws, and with
    constructive criticism, we can improve!

    WELP! That's it.
    Have a good day!
    -Borvik & Co.
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