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Thread: Problems of the game - Hacking

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    Exclamation Problems of the game - Hacking

    Recently I have had a competitive match, and there had been this Tyra. That ulted at the beginning of the game. Apart from that her fire bomb (x4) gave 1520 damage to me. (She only had morale boost). Here is a pic

    [removed by mod]

    Please. Hi-rez can we have a ban that makes people banned forever? If they are banned. They will just make a new account and created more problems. Please fix this.


    I don't really care about showing the identity of this hacker to the public. Since I want Hi-rez to ban this person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoC
    Naming and Shaming is not allowed on the forums
    If you want to report, use a support ticket (link in signature)
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    Naming and shaming is not permitted on the forums. If you would like to report someone you believe is cheating then either use the in-game report system or submit a support ticket.

    Closing thread.
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