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Thread: Jusey1's Guide To Support Pip

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyLasagna View Post
    Wow. Nice 600 damage or healing per second. Clearly a top tier pick. I can just imagine how often a ally will cock block a killing shot or an enemy blocking your healing to an ally. Also, just get Reload and Chronos and you could heal 4.8k to both allies instead. I wonder which one is better, hmmmm.
    Not to mention its sustained healing that is wrecked by caut. Mega potion is a far better pick because of how you can heal a teammate to full when they get out of caut for a short period and on top of that you can heal your flanks and damage if you have a good sense on where the enemy is and how much damage your tank is taking along with your cool down timers count or if there is none at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyLasagna View Post
    Wow. Nice 600 damage or healing per second. Clearly a top tier pick.
    It is not a top tier pick. As I've said, it is something you pick for trying to heal stupid teammates unable to use their brain and not picking 4 flankers. If that's what they pick, what are you going to do?
    Go afk or try to save the day?
    I go for the second option so, since Q will rarely be useful on a thing with 2000HP dashing away from the heals, having a heal every sec makes more probable to "heal something". And by the way, I've even reached 200k heals in a single match with that talent. It is not so bad, when Mega Potion would not be effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    I personally use Combat Medic whenever (often) I have no tank in game. Good luck in waiting for people to group up, when your team is made of 4 flankers :-/
    If I have 4 flankers in my team I don't pick Pip. If I somehow would have to play pip with 4 flankers I'd play catalyst.

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