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Thread: Champion Idea: Rumplebum the trickster

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    Champion Idea: Fizziwigskin the trickster

    Changed name to Fizziwigskin
    Character Description: based off the traditional Irish leprechaun, as well as various depictions of Rumplestiltskin, Fizziwigskin has curly scarlet hair and muttonchops, shrewd beady eyes, and a crooked grin. he wears a dark green waistcoat with a cartoonishly long tail like similar to butler coats, with a dark orange waistcoat beneath it, a red scarf, and brown pants held by a black belt with a golden buckle. he has long striped socks that go up to his knees, and black shoes with golden buckles. he also wears a hat the same color as his coat, with a black strap and either a golden buckle or a four-leaf clover. there is a leather pouch attached to the belt on his waist. his clothes have colorful patches on them. and he has pointy ears.

    Weapon Description: a makeshift weapon that appears to have been cobbled together from a spinning wheel, a crank eggbeater, a spool of thread, and other miscellaneous items. the barrel is like the mechanism on a sewing machine, with a needle bar and needle guard. his right arm goes into the weapon like the portal gun, while his left-hand grasps the crank and spins it to fire, though resting at the end of the gun when not firing.

    Gameplay: being a trickster, Fizziwigskin has a small hitbox, little health, and doesn't deal a lot of damage. instead, he relies on tricks and gimmicks. his gun fires golden thread that penetrates the first player it hits, hitting the player behind it at half the damage. holding the fire down allows you to thread things together, which can be used to ensnare players. secondary fire tosses a pepper-shaker bomb that creates a cloud of sneezing powder that causes enemies within it to start sneezing uncontrollably. special attack 1 is either used to set up to 3 snares/ net traps or resets his cooldown with the name "irish luck" and an icon of a four-leafed clover. special 2 is a teleport ability where he vanishes in a puff of smoke and re-appears further ahead. his ultimate "sabotages" the weapons of all nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

    Character Traits: a thieving trickster, Fizziwigskin loves to speak in rhymes and riddles, with a cruel edge to them. he dislikes Drogos, who's always after his pot of gold, gets along with Ruckus, views Ying as competition, and hates fairies, who he crushes into fairy dust. He has a nasty temper, his voice rising to a screech when things don't go his way.

    Voice Line ideas
    Intro: "there was once a wee little man, who came up with a brilliant plan! he bound all his foes by their pinkie toes and off with their treasure he ran!"
    Ultimate (self/enemies): "a curse, a pox, I thus impound; weapons, begone! hands, be bound!"
    Ultimate (teammates): "their guns are jammed, their bows are slack, nows the time, let's attack!"
    Killed by:
    Drogos: "no! my treasure!"
    Willo: "bothersome little pixie, I'll pluck your petals yet!"
    Ying: "you outfoxed me?? impossible!"
    directed taunts:
    Drogos: "your anger's greatly uncontrolled, you'll never get me Irish gold!" "thwarting you's always a pleasure, you will never touch my treasure!"
    Willo: "I have no need of faith and trust, I'll grind you into pixie dust!"
    Ying: "a cruel fate begat this crafty elf; a mere reflection of her former self!" "all you've left behind, my dear, a pretty face, a broken mirror"
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