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Thread: Open Beta 61 Patch Notes | October 18th. 2017

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    Wasn't sure whether to create a thread or state it here as started in OB60 and will be in the next few patches, but when will the Harrowing Horrors Quest expire? Just thought I'd ask this for the benefit of those who brought that quest set including myself.
    Played Paladins from OB33 to OB63. Occasionally play nowadays for events and new skins but broken MM and bugs really puts me off guys.

    Frontline and Support main. Mains in all roles for the curious:

    Support: Seris, Mal'Damba and Jenos
    Frontline: Ash, Fernando, Ruckus
    Damage: Vivian, Tyra
    Flanker: Maeve, fairly decent w/ Skye and Andro, Talus, am OK with Evie

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    Not sure how to feel about all this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    Indeed I've found that my Willo's biggest problem is survivability. I can't stay in peace 5 sec to recover health and your flutter just let you move for about 5 meters.
    And then, enemy Willo is simply calm and peaceful for the whole game, since our flankers don't even try to kill her. So frustrating... -__'

    So, you go with blast flower legendary. But are you still using scorn and dead zone, or just shooting normally?
    Agreed totally

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