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Thread: About the new "Wrecker"

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzzyOzzy View Post
    Not everyone see's the Dev insight, OP.
    Where can i see that?

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    I will make a whole feedback on how much I disagree with the new wrecker, I just wish to really get it properly tested b4 I post something
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    Quote Originally Posted by stesc5 View Post
    I hope THAT isn't the intention. Can you imagine how much FL or Support mains would leave this game? Playerbase should grow as the beta goes on, not the other way like it seems to be now.

    @MrInanis: That would also hit tank on their way from spawn to the point or payload... Nononono
    nobody will like to play support with this incredible OP flanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2destroyou View Post
    They said it will still be named Wrecker during the test phase, PTS.
    After test phase it will be changed to anus wrecker

    UR MOM

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    I have an idea for Wrecker... Instead of reworking wrecker, just add to it. Keep shields exactly the same and keep old wrecker as it is but also add in 7%-14%-21% damage toward frontlines to Wrecker, which will increase the value and usefulness of wrecker but also without completely murdering the frontline role as a whole. And if they want to, they could even replace some useless cards in the damage characters collections to be extra frontline damage of 2%, 4%, 6%, and 8% respectively which will obviously stack up with level 3 Wrecker to maybe 25% or 26% in total. This is personally a much better route of taking care of frontlines and allow for more countering to frontlines without destroying the class as a whole...

    And it literally only took me like 5 minutes to think of this...

    The problem with the new wrecker change is that it is a huge nerf to shields and would make certain shields so useless that you shouldn't even bother using them. Especially against ultimates. Imagine Barik's Dome Shield ultimate being mow down instantly by a Ruckus ultimate just because it has 60% less shield health... When it use to be that Dome Shield helps counters a lot of ultimates firepower. This nerf to shields is a huge massive nerf and a potential killer of the game. While the idea of having extra damage against frontlines is pretty good, but NOT at this price. A combination of both extra damage and shield damage is what is needed, cause this allows the shields to stay as they should be, due to how damage currently works, while also allowing Wrecker to be more valuable and helpful against frontlines.

    So, my problem isn't the damage boosting stat idea but rather the huge nerf to shields where most of them will be nearly useless.
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