Hey guys, I bring you a new damage hero concept.

Something about her appearance: It's just a giant arachne with spikes all over her body.


Passive ability: Can move around the walls.

LMB: Shots a toxic spike that deals 600 damage for 1.5sec.

RMB: Sets a web in a pass, enemies can't destroy it but they can go through the web and break it. When enemies going through the web, their speed decreases by 50% and they also take 30% additional damage for 3sec. Cool down: 15sec Duration: 1min

Q: Injects a dose of poison into the enemy, which removes 20% of maximum health for 4sec, also slowing the enemy down by 25%. Can be used only at close range. Cool down: 8sec

F: Jumps on the wall. Cool down: 7sec

E: Jumps to the enemy and winds him into a web for 1.5 seconds, after it the enemy is stunned for 4sec.

Legendary cards:
1) The web(Q) deals additional 500 damage to the enemy

2) While you cast your ulti(1.5sec) you gain damage and CC immunity, and your ulti couldn't be reduced by "Resilience". And also increases your ulti charge rate by 15%.

3) Heals for 200 health per second during your "F" ability.

P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tounge.