Im looking for an active team that is looking to be a high ranked esports team

A Bit About Me: started playing competitive cs in 2014 and have been for about two years playing for 4-6 hours a day then i found paladins and i have built up my knowledge of the game ever since playing 4-6 hours a day

Region: i play on eu servers coming from the uk

Roles: i prefer to play dmg/ flank but if needed i can play tank and support to a good level

Best Champs: my best champs to play are: andro, drogoz, bomb king, lian, cassie, jenos, damba and sha lin

my current account level is 124, only plat 1 but i am playing comp a lot more lately since i got my new mouse

i play 4-6 hours a day

IGN - Deverok115

if you need me to play a certain champ (s) for the team i will.

if you would like me to try out for the team than either message me on steam (Deverok | telling me all the info or message me in game when i come online or message me on twitter @deverokplay