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Thread: competitive matchmaking

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    Angry competitive matchmaking

    one day, when I didn't log in, my friend(platinum 2) solo queue in competitive.

    he matched grandmaster duo party, grandmaster solo and platinum 4.

    but enemy team was silver 5, silver 2, gold 1, gold 3, platinum 3 quintet party.

    of course, my friend's team won in 7 mins.

    when i do competitive solo queue(i'm platinum 2), my team often composed of silver, bronze users.

    Because of this situation, friends who meet in the game also give up competitive and just playing normal.

    i can't figure out how to paladins competitive matching.

    Elo? i don't think it's possible for 5 ppl to party together

    Please fix matchmaking system and match players with similar levels of users.

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    There is already a thread about this.

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