Hi, im just starting playing paladins again, and im looking to play with someone or join a clan.

# Info

- ING: XMatzi
- Current Rank: Plat 4
- LF 1 or more players to play with. Or sort of a small clan.
- Im looking for players around 17-40 years old. Why i can play with kids/older it wont work.
- Iam 26 years old my self.

# Game Info

- Main: Tank/Support, but can play dmg & flank decent.
- Behaving Status: I really hate toxic players, who complains over others playstyle. insteed of improving the players playstyle to be better. Well i think if you are around gold/plat players have a basic playstyle in that rank, so players are not pro, they have lucky times sometimes, and why complain over things they dont know about ?, so i can be abit toxic my self but to defend the players that toxic/flamers gets at. they cant say anything bcs they dont know what do say. in other words. im a very chill player to play with, i can have fun in game. im more to have fun then listenig on a kid that complains everything when sometimes its the flamers own fault.

But i saying it here. when i see flame/toxic/complains, i just dont stand back and do nothing. i don't care what the flamer think, but someone need to take that bs away.

When i know it was my fault im saying it was my fault iam sry, and work better next round.

Im kinda bad at this, but know you know abit of how i see things.

# Voice

- Discord
- TeamSpeak 3 (is more used by me bcs bad pc).
- Mic: Yes ofc.

Add me on paladins or type your comment if you want to play with me.

ps. (Sry for Broken English, but hey we are not in school right? XD)