Kinessa's Open Season card allows her to see players tagged by her sniper rifle for a short period of time. The card description says: "Your Sniper attacks reveal enemies for 1/2/3/4s."

But if you hit an enemy Strix, Sha Lin or Skye this card stops working as soon as they enter stealth. I have only tested this against Strixes.

Here are the steps for reproducing:

  1. Go on a custom match against a friend, you as Kinessa and your friend as Strix.
  2. Equip the default loadout so you have Open Season 3.
  3. Shoot the Strix and have him enter stealth in less than three seconds.

Expected behavior: The enemy Strix should be revealed to you, even after entering stealth, for 3 seconds.

What happens instead: The enemy Strix is no more revealed as soon as stealth kicks in.

Killing Strixes as Kinessa is disadvantageous by design, but this bug makes it unfair.