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Thread: Lag since OB58

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    Lag since OB58

    Lag since OB58

    I am really worried about future updates as I have already bought the founders pack and love the game so much, I just don't want that money to goto waste if I won't be able to play Paladins in future with lag. On some maps apart from that weird bug at the start I do not lag at all then last night I was playing with friends on Castle Siege I think it is called and I just lagged constantly.

    I do not know why because i used to be able to play that map with no issues, same with Fish Market.

    I used to be able to run Paladins on Medium - High settings and now just in case the lag is a graphical thing I run my game on Low but it does not appear to make a difference.

    I don't know if the lag increase is a bug with the new update or just the game isn't fully optimised. I know I probably come across as complaining but I'm just trying to help. I play on a laptop and the reason the game appealed to me so much other than it's game play was I could run it pretty well at that too. I know if the game has this lag issue fixed or the game more optimised for all PCs it just opens up the appeal to people like myself on lower end PCs.

    Someone please help haha

    Don't really know much about specs but this morning I played with Sha Lin on everything on Low and Character Detail on High and had no lag at all, thats why i feel like its a game issue not my end. Cause when I played on Fish Market and Castle Siege my graphics were on low low and it super lagged.

    I have Directx 12
    My processor is - AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
    Have 4000+ memory ram

    And if it helps my computer is a HP Notebook

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    dude me too the open patch 58 beta is soo bad.. laggy asf cant do anything during the match!

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    I am in the midwest and my ping goes anywhere from 30-600 very often. The past 5 games I have played only one of them was a 70-110 ping game and the rest have been 200-500 consistently.

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