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Yeah sorta Grover to provide better area healing presence, but no not like grover, since Grover still wins PGS games, his healing can be unexpectedly powerful in the right moment and can be much harder to deal with his cripple shutting down lots of mobility characters with good accuracy and providing good ranged bruising damage to slow and big targets and his ult can either save a team from ult combos or lay a full on assault into the enemy making every ally near immortal as they shred the enemy team. Even more his healing card is not about healing, it is about generating ult charge so you can heal your frontlines when they need it. So yeah grover is a useless self sustain sniper, if you take extra damage, or be a more annoying mal or jenos with cripples and roots. No better burst area healing then a 2500 per sec heal. Now that is grover, and that is how grover works. We know he is a hard solo healer, but to say only a self sustain sniper... wow harsh.

Pip though... He can pocket a person, but his healing brings no tankiness to the area other then the initial burst heal that takes longer the less people are being healed and we all love his buggy heal. Least this way it is easier to see where pip is throwing these potions and there is some heals if they miss. He had mal's healing field in first release, but that was almost another game ago. But we see the power of mal, grover and grock area heals in the game but the set up is easy to see and easy to counter with willo. And yes we see how powerful Pip heals are too. I know what is meant by no fondness for having to run to an area for healing so BAM Pip brings the area to you. Lasts for 3s, then move on. It also allows a grover presence for 1 or 2 champs without grover being there, something I feel would be good on pips heal.
In the right hands, Pip really doesn't need this. Considering that you can usually manage your CDs well enough, and hit people in a large AoE with Medicinal Excellence. He doesn't need to pocket one person either. Hell, I tend to play him on comp and I can keep the whole team sustained for the most part. And it's usually pretty hard to miss a potion if you're centering your loadout on it. Especially when you're detonating it.