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Thread: Change CD reduction cards to 8%

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    Change CD reduction cards to 8%

    Undoubtedly, CD reduction cards have been one of the most popular type of card, being useful in any situation. However one thing has bothered me for quite a while...

    Most CD reduction cards are -0.5s per level, but in proportion to their respective ability some are far superior to others.


    Grover's Perennial card and Seris's Wickedness card both reduce their healing abilities by 0.5s, at level 4 this is a 2s time reduction.


    Blossom has a 12s CD, so reducing the CD by 2s doesn't do much. It only let's you use Blossom 17% more often.

    Restore Soul has a 4s CD, so reducing the CD by 2s it cuts the cooldown by 50%, which is incredibly powerful for keeping teammates alive.

    Also duration increase cards are always picked second after CD reduction, because they do not grant as much ability up time in comparison.

    Example: Reconstruction decreases Recovery CD by 1s, but Deep Breath increases Recovery duration by 0.5s

    Not to mention the addition of "activation" effects from certain cards, which add benefits each time you use an ability rather than during.

    Example: Bulk Up, Celestial Touch, Desert Shadow, Gentle Breeze, all grant buffs for activating their respective abilities but not for their duration.

    These make activating an ability as many times as possible more desirable than making it last as long as possible.

    Suggested Changes:

    -All cards that always reduce a cooldown are now 8% per tier, up to 32%.

    Cards that reduce CD on kill/elimination/activation are unaffected.

    -Cards that increase ability duration increase the duration by 10%, up to 40%

    That way, CD reduction cards remain proportionate to their respective ability's cooldowns.

    This would be a significant nerf to Seris, as her Restore Soul CD would only go down to 2.72s with max Wickedness rather than 4s.

    However a major benefit to Grover as Blossom CD can be reduced down to 8.16s with max Perennial.
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    Your request has no actual ineligible connection with the issue, it's like an arbitrary number, the ones that give too much (like Seris') and the ones that give very little (like Grover's) will be exactly in the same situation.

    Also Seris is in no need of a nerf, she is literally the weakest of the 3 "dedicated" healers, at the end, they would HAVE to make Seris' card 12.5%.

    There are as well some skill that SHOULD NOT have such CDR, even if they are very long, Grover's is one of few exceptions where your request would actually help because they haven't actually addressed him and as he is a very old character he suffers the same lack of focus and care Buck and Grohk suffer, to the absurd point where Hi Rez thought it was easier to make them (Grohk and Grover) damage dealers than trying to make them fully functional healers.
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