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Thread: Maeve's new legendary

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    are you joking , right?
    OB64 is a joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    I think, maeve's new legendary 'Cat Burglar' is weak, and it's not for Maeve's style. This concept - bonus damage after F skill - is cool for Evie, but not for Maeve. I purpose an other legendary for her. Maeve's most importanat skill is her moovment speed, and she is the most vulnearble, after pounce, when she slow's down. This new legendary could help her in these important things:

    Veteran thief
    +20% moovment speed, +30% damage reduction for 2s after using Pounce
    No thanks. Isn't very interesting.
    For a lazy person like me, making myself more work actively is something I avoid. However, I will make an exception for once. Why? Simple, because I am


    All of OB64 needs to be canceled, at least temporarily. Sure, there are some good points, but I am not going to eat a cake made of shit just because you put some frosting on it.

    If this patch goes live, I am officially quitting Paladins unless they fix the game. Which I am very much in doubt of.

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