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Thread: PC - LVL 81 - Gold - Just looking to play with some good people

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    PC - LVL 81 - Gold - Just looking to play with some good people

    Raced up to platinum quickly after the release of the new system. Stayed platinum 4 for a while. A couple nights ago I got in a really bad slump of teams. After one night I was ranked down to gold. Boo

    Just looking to play with some people who dont choose bad ppl, and play who is needed.

    I can play any class

    I'm best with tank or heals
    Pretty good at damage
    Ok with only a few flanks

    Tank I can play anyone, but best at Fernando and Barik
    Healer, I am a good jenos healer, ying, seris, and also grover. I suck with the snake and the fox
    Dmg I can play Tyra, Viktor, Willo, and I am decent with drogoz if needed.

    Biggest thing, I pick what is needed.

    Discord bnlebg #1837
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    in game name?

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    Im lvl 49 and Platinum 3, that chill?
    For a lazy person like me, making myself more work actively is something I avoid. However, I will make an exception for once. Why? Simple, because I am


    All of OB64 needs to be canceled, at least temporarily. Sure, there are some good points, but I am not going to eat a cake made of shit just because you put some frosting on it.

    If this patch goes live, I am officially quitting Paladins unless they fix the game. Which I am very much in doubt of.

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    Am Platinum 2 lvl 40 you can add me: PapaCarlos
    You in Na/EU?

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