okay as the first mastery 25 Inara i have had my shares of ups and downs with inara as a champion in the realm, also as a xbox console paladins player and proud member of a esports team looking to make great strides on the paladins pro scene inara's deck seems to be the least creative. i cringe when i try to make decks for impasse like for examples these cards to me are duplicates and useless take loadstones and shear, they both do the same thing just one activates with warder's field and the other with earthguard all it is anyway is extra ammo anyways. this one way to show the lack of care placed on inara's deck. in another example lets look at whetstone and living stone both are meant to give her reload speed clearly whetstone is way mor favorable than load stone. which allows you to reload faster during earth guard another makes no since duplicate card set any one of these cards could have been warder's field stops healing for 2sec or reduces healing by 10% or something i mean impasse is hard to build for adding some cards that can slow or stun would spice things up and the final useless card is summit i meanin the millions of matches played how many players you have seen put a bullseye on them using summits activating impasse underneath you knocksyou up 600 units this card is just wack inara's deck badly needs a rework to match her now amazing legendary cards, please revisit her deck for improve deck building to maximize her spear her spear should have a card that slows you for .5 ,1, 1.5, 2 sec her spear should have a card that her 3 shot deals like additional 200 damage or hitting a player with all 3 shots reduces all cool downs by 10%,20%,30%,40%, i think her weapons should have more freedom to them and she could also use a card for speed like activating wall boost inara movement speed by 30% for 3 sed thank you for reading sorry so sloppy but you get my point inara cards make little sense. This is Tu Eleven from xbox my twitter is 2ueleven if you would like to discuss my concernsabout inara