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Thread: How Unprofessionalism will kill Paladins

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    Some other stuffs to add here :

    - HUD problems : man this is 2017... soon 2018, and HUD optimisation is lacking compared to ... Qlive! If you want a decent fps, even a hero based one, you have to be professionnal about your Hud, crosshair type, color, size / Low health indicator optional / Heck some games even had the capabilities to let you make your own HUD with different positioning of the elements, opacity, etc etc.

    - Matchmaker : It is, IMO, the biggest problem paladins have, and to stay on the "professionnalism" thread and not derail it, to me the unprofessionnal thingy about it is that they never addressed one single effing comment about it, they are now starting to release how it works, but still no word about fixing it, or even trying to fix it (run a test server with lower ELO difference treshold for god's sake, how hard is that?). To me, a game in beta should try and tweak here and there to have decent games more often than not, and even if the angrier voices are allways those we hear the most, the
    bazzilion threads about matchmaker and evidence pics etc is too overwhelming to be an "isolated problem". Again, solutions have been discussed by us for quite some time, Hirez could use some of these ideas in order to make the game more enjoyable for everyone (a stupid and very flashy exemple : why does silver plays with and vs diamonds? Just reduce the elo difference bracket... even if it means a bit more Q time, beta is here to tweak the numbers so the Q time and the quality of games are both decent)

    - The sound(s) gestion is very lacking : every now and then, one patch come here and just ruin the sound volume and positioning, I do know how hard it is to have a great sound space positioning (worked with many friends in music creation and festival planning), but damn, if I use a headset it is not just for the dumb look, I want to be able to pinpoint my enemies (at least front / left / right / back) without possible mix ups, I want to be able to hear when drogoz is flying literaly just over me!! Heck in OB57 (didnt play the new patch yet, on a break) every other sounds were muffled AF and it ruined the experience once again. Now I dont know about this maeve sounds new thingy that seems to infuriate some peoples here, but the first thing you need to think about when introducing features like that is : make it optional! Any professional would think about the bad stuffs that might happens when creating something and even if you cant stop people to ramble (because they are people afterall...) you can make everything tooglable or switchable for the greater good.

    - Remanent bugs : Ozzy covered this thing pretty much, so I wont add much on that (androx reversal, pip potion, high amount of DC / lagspikes / general instability)

    - No roadmap : To me this is the worst thing in paladins (with matchmaker problem, but this one is more of a "general approach problem than a technical one), it is just a perception, but I think many other have the same feeling as me on the matter, it seems like Hirez doesnt know where they want to go with this game, resulting in many aborted attemps at gamemodes / champions general looks / excruciating balance choices. It is a thing that the game is beta, it is a thing that a game like this is fcin hard to balance, but goddammit, to have champions getting so OP they are instantly meta then one patch later no one barely use them is more showing of a "kid trying stuffs" than a company thinking problems thru and having a general purpose for their game. Choose a path and follow it already, beta (with that level of cashflows...) doesnt excuse everything IMO.

    I still have some thing on this list but this is for another day. I love the game btw, if not I wouldnt stick over, but lately the cons exceeded the pros, so I dont play it anymore, think nintendo style guys, a game is supposed to be fun, not frustrating, this is the first rule.

    I wont pay a dime for this game, like, ever, because they do milk the cow, your wallet is power!

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    PTS is PPS

    Public Test Server. That is not what PTS is.

    As mentioned in a thread of the same problem, PTS is not being used as a testing period to fix any bugs/balance destruction that any new patch would include. Instead, the PTS is usually used as a one-week early ticket to try the NEW AND EXCITING CHANGES OF THE NEW PATCH. A PPS. A Patch Preview Server. Not as a way to improve stability for when the patch launches, but to show off the new things. Not actually fix the new things.

    Its sad that this has been going on in PTS for awhile. PTS would be launched, then the official patch, and nearly hours later of the patch's implementation, a bug would need hotfixing. It happened then. It still happens now. Now this patch, OB58, has people gaining VIP points in the hundreds of thousands. And yet such a bug wasn't discovered somehow in the PTS. I wish to neglect this as bugs that do not surface in PTS. However, repeated times of a hotfix appearing RIGHT after a patch release deters my doubts of this. I really want the PTS to be a Public Test Server. But for so many times, it has always been a PPS. A Patch Preview Server.

    One of my biggest issues is that from what I can see when stuff gets to the PTS it just doesn't get changed at all, even if the community makes an outcry about it.

    Sure I can accept the excuse of "We need ACTUAL statistics in competitive or in the hands of higher Elo players" but there is a difference between being insecure about something small or about something being broken beyond discussion.

    Let it be something being OP or a change that makes a character un-viable or un-usable it's still insane how they get ignored.

    This happens on a ton of things, From the release of Strix, to the changes to his stealth and the problem not being approached correctly to other cases like Evie's blink nerf and many others.

    This happens because of a possible few reasons.

    Either they are unsure if the feedback is accurate or They have to stick to a schedule and can't alter it Meaning that, if they make a change, the community tests it and discuss it only for another change to be neccesary they would need an extra week or atleast 5 extra days to see how it goes. That means that when releasing a patch they would have to release it with not all of the changes they made and then add the changes either on the next patch or somewhere down the line with a hotfix or something of the like, and it seems they don't want to do that.

    As for the unprofessionalism I also agree with you. I'm studying graphic design and I know that making models, lighting, sound, music and movement for 3D shorts is difficult, expensive, takes time and requires a team of people, but most of the trailers seem like... a WIP, they are lackluster, don't induce hype, they use lines characters use In-game and it doesn't fit well.

    If the game is released and doesn't have a full, well made cinematic trailer that catches the attention of people a lot of people would opt to play another game. We live in an era where esthetics, visuals can define the destiny of a product. I love Paladin's art style and I feel they are not taking advantage of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallachia View Post
    Your usage of bb code broke the page.


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    Oh, did I offend you? Is my opinion in some way conflicting yours? Are you mad at me? Well, guess what?


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    Glad my first issue with Paladins seems to be dying off.

    That only leaves 3 (possibly a 4th I gotta critique) problems left. Tutorial still basic.
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