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Thread: Hello from AllesFatal // Alles_Ratten

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    Hello from AllesFatal // Alles_Ratten

    Hi all,

    my actual nickname is Alles_Ratten and I'm having an affection for PC games. My all time favorites are Half life 1 and Warcraft 3, but right now im burning for Paladins (Half-life is dead). I'm 28 years old and besides playing PC games I'm also mapping, modding and making textures for them. In RL i'm also doing some handcrafting and have strange hobbies like unicycling.

    I like competitive gameplay a lot and don't feel completly too old for that yet

    The rest in short:

    -playing Half-life Deathmatch since nearly 15 years
    -Clan leader and founder of the Xen-Raiders, that played in the Elite Half life League (Adrenaline Gamer League [HL-promod]) from 2008-2017* //This was 4on4 stuff
    - I really like Buck because he reminds me of Half-life Deathmatch
    -Half-life; Half-life; Half-life
    -First played Paladins in 2016, but didn't play between February and August of 17.

    I'll try to get into competitive play and so I'll make an attempt to form a team for the european tournaments here, or alternatively join a team. Feel free to contact me about any of this on steam, nickname: Alles_Ratten

    *On paper this League and Team still exist, but the games are barely ever beeing played now.

    Me, as seen in Half life:
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    Welcome to Paladins!
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    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay and become active around these neck of the woods!

    Anyways have a good day and again welcome to the forums. if you have any questions about the forums or paladins in general feel free to toss me a PM!!!!

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