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Thread: The unknown Sub-Classes of Paladins and team compositions

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    Quote Originally Posted by SocraticPhoenix View Post
    I also want to note that there is another way you could split up supports: burst supports and sustain supports. Seris, Pip, and Mal'Damba (if he lands both heals on one target), are burst healers; they heal for a huge amount over a short period of time, and are very powerful early game. They also tend to have difficulty healing an entire team. Sustain supports (Mal'Damba, Ying, Jenos, Grover, Grohk) have much less heals per second, but their healing lasts for much longer and can target many allies at once. Burst healers can save a solo tank facing three enemies (with no cauterize), but sustain healers can give the entire team a bit of an edge in a fight. Also note that Ying / Mal'Damba / Jenos all have LCs that add some burst healing to there kit, and Grover has a burst ability. Meanwhile, Seris has an LC that makes her play more like a sustain, and pip has cool down reduction and range increases that can help him build more like a sustain...
    You say it yourself. The difference is not that clear. Grover can do a burst heal of 1060 with the right legendary. So depending if I take a 1, 3 or 5 seconds burst, different healers are burst healer. Grohk can do over 700 on tanks, while Pip on a 3 seconds burst has 800.

    One could also split the healers up into direct healer and area healer. Grohk, Grover and Pip are area heals while Seris, Jenos and Ying aim their heals at a certain person and Mal'damba does both.

    Since the sub-classes in this threads in my opion are more like play styles, I would split between tank-heals, which mostly heal tanks and group-heals which heal the whole group.

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    Idk if said but... Buck is a harasser not a assassin

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    Nice! I really like this guide, and I only just found it, despite looking for something like this for a while now!

    There are only two things I wish to nitpick about here:

    1) I think 'Split-Healer' should be swapped to 'Off-Support/Healer', as more people I've met seem to know what that means over 'Split-Healer'. 'Split-Healer' just seems to imply that they operate a bit better when the team splits up into more than one or two units. (and we all know Grohk isn't healing much under those circumstances anytime soon)

    2) I also feel Maeve should kinda be on both categories for flank; (Assassin and Harasser) since when the enemy team split up, she's more like an assassin, (especially against supports (typically when they're alone) and snipers) but when the enemy team group up, she's more like a harasser. (hence I'm not too bothered by her placement here) All this seemingly regardless of her legendary card. (Which I assume isn't taken into account in this guide, as it's all set in a vacuum)

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