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Thread: The Matchmaker Conundrum

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    I won a number of games in a row, and got promoted 2 ranks up. Then it kept putting OP parties against me, and giving me weaker players so I lost 4 times in a row, to get demoted. It is rigged, it is obvious it is rigged, and we can pull data from thousands of matches to prove it is rigged. I do not care one bit what they have to say about how it works. It works as the data shows. Yes, two stacked teams where bk can solo entire 5man needed OP barik with them.

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    Unhappy Why?

    Matchmaking being bad isn't only limited to comp. It's also happening in casuals. Apparently this game thinks I'm good enough to be put on a team full of diamonds and 1 master and play against 4 diamonds and 1 master.

    I'm literally garbage at this game and the game is giving me games like this:

    First game of today (9/19/2017): I literally just logged into the game, clicked on normal matches and queued and was instantly put into a game like this and I lost 1-4 and then of course got told I was garbage because I just logged in and wasn't warmed up and the game's matchmaking thinks that I'm at high diamond apparently. I went 2/10 in this game because I wasn't even warmed up and I'm garbage, or at least I view myself as pretty bad even when I'm warmed up.

    I tried to queue after that game was over, thinking that it was just a glitch. I got an instant pop for yet another game EXACTLY LIKE THAT ONE! My team was 3 diamond and 1 master and then myself, unranked.

    It's really making the game so unplayable for me and it makes the game not even fun to play. I literally have to play with my friends in order for the game to give me players at my skill level.
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    Something really similar happened to me! I got placed into a casual game with Masters and diamond level champions and I'm like Gold1 almost Platinum level.

    Is this because there is a separate MMR number for casuals and competitive? Doesn't seem quite right to me either way.

    Edit: Holy shit there's a huge thread devoted to this? thanks for moving my post!
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