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Thread: Card Rebalancing + Aggression Rework

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    Card Rebalancing + Aggression Rework

    Lot's of players are complaining about the loss of mobility cards, so I'd like to propose returning them, but with a counter as an item...

    Revert Dark Stalker and Accelerant legendary card effects.

    Reworked Aggression: Cost: 300 Credits. You deal +15%/30%/45% more damage to enemies who have been airborne for over 0.5s

    This will make it easier to shoot down often airborne champions like Androxus, Drogoz, Maeve, or Willio, but because of the 0.5s delay it doesnt work against enemies who simply jump up and down

    Here's some card value adjustments on proportion to other cards:


    Countermeasure: "You get a 150 HP shield when your HP falls below 30%"

    Change: Increase 150 -> 250

    There are several champions with cards like this that grant a 4s shield when your HP, but this one seemed low as Grohk has about 60% of Ruckus's health, but his card grants a 200 HP shield.


    Furious Charge: "Increase Knockback of Shoulder Bash by 8%"

    Change: Increase 8% -> 15%

    She has a similar card for Kinetic Burst, which increases the knockback by 8%. However, Kinetic Burst has a much lower CD and can hit multiple targets, so I think it's cards should be a bit more beneficial.


    Barkskin: "Increase your max health by 75"

    Change: Increase 75 -> 100

    Similar to Countermeasure the HP granted is low compared to Grohk. Grover's base health is the same as Grohk, so I think the HP granted by this card should be the same.

    Bomb King:

    Reinforced Casing: "Increase the health of Sticky Bombs by 25"
    Ablative Coating: "Increase the health of Poppy Bomb by 50"

    Most Bomb Kings detonate stickybombs as soon as they hit and only in rare scenarios enemies bother to shoot down sticky bombs (most just stay away from them until gone).

    With Poppy Bomb, it's practically impossible to shoot it down as most use it for blast jumping (immediately shoot downwards, jump and detonate).

    For these reasons, these two cards are never used, so I think they could use a rework

    Reinforced Casing: "You get +8% movement speed while reloading"
    Albative Coating: "Increase the blast radius of Poppy Bomb by 10%"


    Swift Jade: Reduce the CD of Grace by 0.5s for every enemy hit with Valor.
    Alacrity: Reduce CD of Grace by 1s and it hits everyone infront of you.

    Considering Grace already has a very low CD and Valor can hit a ton of enemies easily, I find this often used as 100% Grace CD reduction. In combination of Alacrity you can spam hit everyone on the screen, then get bombarded with "Lian is OP"

    Change: Reduce 0.5s -> 0.3s
    Alacrity: Remove 1s CD reduction.

    This will make it somewhat less spammable.

    P.S: This is actually exactly how I play Lian, but I often feel it's unfair.


    Alternating Current: "Increase duration of Recharge by 1.5s"

    It's 2.5s duration is already enough to fully recharge his shield.

    Change: Duration increase is only 1s, but it increases his max shield by 1K


    Deep Breath: Increase duration of Recovery by 0.5s

    Very weak compared to Reconstruction, which reduces the CD by 1s. They both simply decrease the downtime of the ability.

    Further more, Reconstruction allows you to utilize the 600 bonus HP from the Bulk Up legendary.


    Reconstrucion now reduces the CD by 0.7s
    Deep Breath now increases the duration by 0.7s

    Considering plenty of other champions have 10s CD abilities with only 0.5s CD reduction cards, I think it would be fair to slightly reduce the CD reduction of Reconstruction.


    Cat Burglar: "+20% damage on first shots after Prowl"

    Pretty weak compared to other damage boosting legendaries, as it's for one use every time you use an ability with a 12s CD. I wouldn't increase the damage however as Maeve already have incredible burst damage.

    Change: Add the Triple Jump as an additional effect.


    Smoulder: Reduce healing from 60% -> 50%

    Very annoying card to deal with, as any time you're fighting Zhin he can just combine this with Hideout to fully heal while being immune to effects of Cauterize.

    Evie has a similar card with her Ice Block, so I'd like to lower it to keep it in proportion.


    Astral Cycle: Astral Mark lasts 0.5s longer

    Like Bucks Recovery CD and duration cards, this gets outclassed by the CD reduction card as Retrograde reduces a greater portion of the CD, than Astral Cycle increases the duration.

    Seeing how most gun based champions have a reload card, I think Jenos could use one

    Astral Cycle Rework: Increase your reload rate by 7% while Astral Mark is applied.

    Celestial Touch: Astral Mark instantly heals your target for 10% of their maximum health.

    The 15% was kinda needed to make Jenos usable as a single healer, but now its barely effective.

    Celestial Touch Change: Astral Mark heals 15% of your target's missing health (no longer 10% of maximum)

    This would keep Astral Mark good for keeping low HP frontlines alive, but would reduce his overall healing as missing health is never as much as ones max health.


    Soul Collecter: Rend Soul increases max HP by 2% per soul charge, up to 8 times.

    This increases max health by up to 16%, which is weak for a legendary. It's also very easy to max out.

    Change: Stack increase to 12 times.

    Spirit Leech: Restore Soul grants 2 ammo per second

    With Soul's Reach, you can go entire matches without reloading using this card because of how much ammo it gives. Other champions with 20+ ammo generate 2 ammo per second through abilities, and Seris has almost half so I'd reduce the ammo given.

    Change: Restore Soul grants 1 ammo per second.


    Lifelike: Clones can heal two teammates at once, but 30% less.

    A direct downgrade when healing a single target, which is common when working with frontlines. It should keep it's healing then add a bonus.

    Change: Clones are able to heal a second target but for 40% less.

    This means, clones will heal the most damaged teammate for 100% heal rate, and the second most damaged teammate for 60% heal rate.


    Rampant Blooming: Activating Blossom heals 160s for 4s

    Weak compared to other healing legendary cards, and Grover is often used more as a Sniper due to how his healing method and main-hand contradict. One needs him close, the other needs him far away.


    Rampant Blooming Rework: Grover's blossom passive healing is now global, but teammates out of passive range are healed 50% less.

    Example: With this legendary, allies standing in Grover's blossom radius are healed 80/s, and those anywhere else on the map are healed 40/s

    While this may seem weak, this 40/s applies at all times anywhere on the map, thus maybe useful for Grovers who like to travel a lot.


    Incinerate: Reduce the cooldown of Fireball by 10%

    While this seemed fair before the buff, now it's a 0.6s reduction card which is quite a lot for a 6s ability.

    Change: Reduce the cooldown of Fireball by 0.5s instead.
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    In fact, some cards are no-no, one thing i can say for sure: Maeve's cat burglar sucks now. In my opinion, it should be as "Increase the Speed Bonus of Prowl by 15%, you can Triple Jump during Prowl, but Prowl is cancelled if you take more than 600 damage". If you dont want the cancelling, you can as well just give her +20% damage for 3 seconds after Prowl and be able to triple jumping during it

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    id like to get a new item like aim helper which does that when your reticle is close to a enemy player your sensitivity drops a little and more you upgrade it more sensitivity will drop. This is only my opinion

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