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If you want to talk about changes, the only ones that I'd make would be allowing players to buy 7500 VIP Points for 70 Crystals as a non-member, which rises to 10000 VIP Points for members.
It would actually be significantly better if they did this. By trading 70 crystals every 2 weeks, f2p atleast FEEL more heartened in the grind since they're making visible progress towards the target. Locking the trade behind the membership is quite unfair. I'm in favor of this change at the very least.

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if you wanna feel the grind do against AI still same 150 VIP points when winning
you need exactly just measly 400 rounds of AI/BOT games to get the meave skin *weekly rewards not included.*
if you haven't spend the 20000 VIP points that comes along with the VIP purchase you'll need 267 Win Bot match.
i'll round off the calculations so it would still cover some time like PC error/disconnect/toilet break.
39 rounds or 6 hours per day to complete it in a week
20 rounds or 3 hours and 30 minuets per day to complete it in 2 weeks
for only 200 GEM you spend ahahaha

fastest grind VIP with 5 friends vs bot/AI average is 7-9min per round, countdown, picking and average loading time included and one of you will use 1 boost per round soo you have 25 boosted round.
I got the two skins I wanted since I got the VIP pack

I agree with you. The grind AFTER you get membership is significantly lighter. Membership offers a 200% increase in point rewards. So that is quite doable. On the other hand, its the f2p grind I was worried about. Which only gives 50 points per win and 25 per loss.

Again, to reiterate. It is not bad NOW. But I can foresee the grind starting to accumulate over time and get very very tedious.

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Ehm, wrong, he bought the VIP Pack, so he got 100k VIP Points. At least, he said he bought the VIP Pack and not the VIP Booster.
Yeah I caved u_u The pack IS worth it though, as much as I'd like to protest with my wallet :/

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as a completely free player i have every skin i need, all champs unlocked, loadouts for each one of them, spare gold, essence, and 701 crystals
Curious to know how you have 701 crystals without having bought any. 701 crystals is 20 weeks ~ 5 months of saving up and not spending even one crystal. Buying crystals on the other hand makes you a paying customer, not f2p.