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Thread: Open Beta 58 Patch Notes | September 1st, 2017

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    Open Beta 58 Patch Notes | September 1st, 2017

    Beats Purr Minute :3
    Open Beta 58 Patch Notes | September 1st
    Beta Expectations
    PTS Instructions

    Updated 9/21 with additional information on VIP Boosters.


    • The Preparatory phase of each match will be in third person
      • Before a match you will notice something different! For the first spawn room phase of a game you will now be able to control and navigate your character in third person!
    • In the Competitive Queue player will have an additional 15 seconds to pick a character.
    • Added a new flow for opening Radiant Chests in place of the Enchant Key button when selecting Open Chest.
    • Muting a player will now also mute their VGS.
    • Damage and Healing Indicator Improvements
      • Corner damage VFX will now better correspond to where the player is being hit from.
      • Added incoming damage indicators around the crosshair.
      • Added incoming healing feedback with 2 possible locations:
        • Defaults to the left of the crosshair, can be set to above the player health bar.
      • Incoming heal numbers will now change color to indicate that the healing was reduced by healing reduction.
      • Friendly health bars will appear yellow-green when that player is under the effect of healing reduction.
      • "This patch we’ve put a big focus on improving feedback for both incoming damage and incoming heals. Now players should have the tools they need to better react to the world around them."
    • Aim Acceleration has been renamed to Turn Acceleration.
      • "We found that because of the use of the word “aim” some players were initially confused and thought that this setting somehow controlled Aim Assist. We have renamed it to Turn Acceleration which should be much more clear."


    • DirectX 11 Beta
      • DirectX 11 is coming to Paladins. Using DirectX 11 will improve both CPU and GPU performance on devices that support DirectX 11 (both integrated and dedicated cards). Additionally, this unifies our rendering codebase between PC and Consoles, allowing any future performance improvements to benefit all our clients.
      • To participate in the DirectX 11 Beta go to Settings -> Video Options -> Check “Use D3D11 (BETA)” and restart your game.
        • NOTE: For PTS you will need to modify the “Optional Game Command Line Parameters” in the Launcher to: -dx11
      • While performance will generally be improved, memory usage may be higher. We will continue to optimize memory before our final release.
      • If you encounter a graphical issue or client instability, please report any issue you encounter. If you need to switch back simply uncheck “Use D3D11 (BETA)”.
    • Resolution Scaling
      • Players will now have the option to adjust their Resolution Scaling.
      • At values below 100%, the in-game resolution will decrease providing improved performance while the UI will stack at a higher display resolution for legibility.
      • At values above 100%, you can use additional GPU power to render the in-game resolution higher than your display resolution. This provides improved anti-aliasing (supersampling) which looks especially good in motion and provides more fine-grained detail.
    • 64-Bit Client
      • We’re beginning tests of our new 64-bit client. We will roll this out to more and more players in the future and will provide specific improvements to the 64-bit client.
      • To use the 64-Bit client players will need to modify their “Optional Game Command Line Parameters” in the Launcher. To do this, hit the Cog Wheel on your launcher and type “-Use64” in the “Optional Game Command Line Parameters” and hit “Apply”.

    • Fixed Quest page to display more Quests.
    • Fixed an issue with Backspace not functioning in some situations.
    • Fixed an issue with Strix Resourceful not applying to Flare properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Strix weapon swapping and Bushwack.
    • Fixed an issue with Strix Chronos not interacting with Flare.
    • Fixed an issue with Strix Guerilla Tactics not functioning properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Strix Stealth resource UI not appearing properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Skye Surprise Attack description.
    • Fixed an issue with Mal’Damba not healing in some situations.


    "With this patch we are introducing the brand new VIP system! Players will earn points to unlock VIP exclusive content by playing games, completing daily quests, and selecting winners for Paladins esports matches. Players wanting to access this content faster can purchase VIP Membership or the VIP pack. Over the course of future patches we’ll be adding more and more content to the VIP store."

    VIP Content
    Every Patch we will release new exclusive content for the VIP store and/or rotate in previously available non-VIP content that will be available at a discount using VIP points.
    • Exclusive Content
      • Raeve Maeve
      • FN-01 Erebos Fernando
      • Goddess Lian
      • Pretty Hair Announcer Pack
      • Raynday Announcer Pack
    • Current Rotation
      • Steam Demon Androxus

    VIP Points
    Every game of Paladins you play will now earn you VIP Points.
    • 50 Points per win.
    • 25 Points per loss.

    Stay in touch with our Esports scene (coming later this fall) and correctly guess the winners of our upcoming matches for additional VIP Points.
    • 50 Points per correct guess.

    Complete your weekly quests for even more VIP Points.
    • 100 Points per weekly quest completed.

    VIP Membership
    Players who purchase the VIP membership bundle will gain membership status which gives bonuses to VIP point gain for a period of time. We also have plans for other cosmetic benefits for VIP members. VIP members also get:
    • +100 Points per win (in addition to normal 50 points).
    • +35 Points per loss (in addition to normal 25 points).
    • +100 Points per correct esports pick (in addition to normal 50 points).
    • +400 points per weekly quest (in addition to normal 100 points).

    VIP Boosters grant 2x the base VIP points + VIP membership points. For example, if you win a match and have VIP membership, you'll receive 150 VIP points. If a VIP Booster is active, you will receive 300 total VIP points.

    VIP Pack ($14.99)
    • Conqueror Zhin Collection
    • 70 Day VIP Membership (5x 2-week memberships)
    • 25 Radiant Chests
    • 25 VIP Boosters
    • 100,000 VIP Points

    14 Day VIP Membership (200 Crystals)
    • 5 Radiant Chests (250 Crystal value!)
    • 20,000 VIP Points
    • 5 VIP Boosters

    VIP Points (70 Crystals)
    • 10,000 VIP Points
    • Only Purchasable if VIP



    • Barik
      • General
        • New visual update to the Champion’s base model.
        • "Barik is getting a serious visual update this patch, addressing some art consistency and technical concerns. Our favorite little Master Mechanic got a new look that better reflects his personality and character in a way that ties him in better to our Paladins’ art style and fantasy theming. His trusty Blunderbuss and turrets are also getting a strong visual upgrade with model, animation, vfx, and audio improvements to reflect that wonderful Dwarven engineering. We are also giving Barik’s ultimate turret a unique model that reflects its importance and functionality."
      • Hi-Tek (old default skin)
        • Champion Skin + Weapon
        • Available for 1 Gold for a limited time

    • Drogoz
      • Weapon: Samba Rocket Launcher

    • Lex
      • Sarrada (Epic)
        • Champion skin + Voice Pack

    • Kinessa
      • Weapon: Samba Sniper Rifle

    • Ruckus
      • Ruckus B.E.T.A
        • Champion Skin is now 200 Crystals
        • Weapon is now 125 Crystals

    • Skye
      • Weapon: Samba Wristbow

    • Tyra
      • Weapon: Samba Auto Rifle

    • Zhin
      • Conqueror
        • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack

    Announcer Packs

    • Nick “Prettyhair” Koegh (VIP store only)
    • Evan “Raynday” Raynr (VIP store only)


    • Samba Chest
      • Get a free Samba Chest when winning 5 Onslaught matches

    • Beach Bash
      • Quest: Win 5 Onslaught Games
      • Reward: 1 Samba Chest roll


    • Test Queue rotation
      • Siege: Eastwatch

    • Bug fixes:
      • Brightmarsh
        • Added explosion cart particles
        • Raised cart destination vfx


    • General
      • Bulldozer
        • Cost reduced from 300 to 200.
        • "Because deployables generally have fairly low health, Bulldozer is actually very effective at what it does. However, 300 credits was still too high a price for the utility when compared to other Damage cards. With this change hopefully we’ll see Bulldozer picked up when a player cares about being able to quickly deal with pesky deployables."

    • Jenos
      • Celestial Touch
        • Healing reduced from 15% of maximum health to 10% of maximum health.
        • "Jenos has proven to be a very strong healer with his potential for very high throughput when picking cards to buff his team more often, for longer. However, with Celestial Touch Jenos had strong throughput and strong burst, which is too powerful of a combination."

    • Lian
      • Legendary Cards
        • Eminence
          • Now begins scaling at 0ft.
          • "With the last round of Changes Lian has settled to a good spot, but Eminence is still under performing. Now players will get the effects of the card immediately."

    • Maeve
      • Daggers
        • Time between daggers reduced from 0.1 to 0.05
        • Projectile Size increased by 16%
        • Projectile Speed Increased from 260 to 400
        • Projectile Gravity Increased by 33%
        • "Maeve’s burst damage is undeniably powerful and her mobility is in a good spot right now, however the properties of Maeve’s weapon could make using it feel like a chore. With these changes players should be able to be more consistent with their deadly dagger throws."

    • Ruckus
      • Missile Launcher
        • Projectile speed increased from 300 to 400.
        • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s.
        • "We feel that Ruckus’s gameplay is in a much better and clearer place now, but Missile Launcher could feel a little underwhelming, especially with the burden of aiming a projectile while aiming an instant-fire weapon. With these changes it will be more accessible and consistent."

    • Pip
      • Weightless
        • Fixed a description issue that listed the duration of Weightless instead of 3s instead of 2.5s.
        • "Oops"

    • Sha Lin
      • Withdraw
        • No longer goes on cooldown until Sha Lin exits stealth.
      • Legendary Cards
        • Desert Shadow
          • Only grants increased damage to shots fired during stealth.
          • "With Sha Lin getting played more and more, some players would use Desert Shadow to preload an amplified shot then wait for withdraw to come off cooldown to create a one two punch. This change will resolve that unintended behavior."

    • Strix
      • Talon Rifle
        • Damage reduced from 1300 to 1200.
      • Flash Bang
        • Augmented the blind effect to be less jarring.
      • Flare
        • Fixed a bug where flare was revealing enemies to Strix’s team, now only reveals enemies to Strix.
      • Stealth
        • Increased the initial energy cost of stealth by 65%
        • Reduced the Stealth energy charge rate by 20%
        • Increased the Minimum energy level required to enter stealth by 33%
        • "Strix released strong and made a big impact on the realm. He hits very hard while dying less than other damage champions. With these changes his damage output will be a little lower and he won’t be able to spend as much time in stealth."

    • Tyra
      • Legendary Cards
        • Hunting Party
          • Also reduces the cooldown of Hunter’s Mark by 2s.
          • "Hunting Party proved to be a lot of fun, but it felt like Tyra had to wait around for too long to use Hunter’s Mark again."

    • Willo
      • Dead Zone
        • Fixed a bug where Dead Zone’s description incorrectly indicated that the ability lasted 4 seconds instead of 5.
      • Fae Flight
        • Ultimate charge reduced by 16%.
        • "Willo had a relatively fast ultimate charge, and when combined with her ability to deal high area damage she could take to the skies multiple times per push phase. Now she’ll have to spend a little more time on the ground."

    • Zhin
      • Counter
        • Fixed a bug that caused a longer than intended lockout after countering an attack.
        • "It should feel better now."
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    I love this patch, but man, it took so long to get the patch notes up!
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    They finally optimized the game, keep it up hirez!
    Im an Evie main thats all

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    Seriously, you should have sent me an e-mail before making this name, remember, I'm from Brazil.
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    Fixed matchmaking.... ooh im just dreaming.... sorry i thought i read this.... but that was just a dream, i go sleep back....

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    1. Are the new skins only available through VIP store? If yes will they ever be available for direct purchase?
    2. Are we gaining vip points from literally ALL games? (that includes siege, onslaught, payload, test maps, competitive and training?)

    So much great content this patch!! Omg I think no one really expected the DJ Maeve to be legendary LOL Love all the skins <3

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    If I play about 10 games per day, and my winrate is about 50%, then I get 375 VIP points per day. 27 days and I'll have myself an Epic skin!
    Join us in The Realm and at /r/PaladinsStrategies!

    Currently waiting on a Koga avatar. Gosh, I'm not gay, but Koga has got to be my favorite male person of all time.

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    Nice DirectX11 & 64bits!

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    Don't tell me you are cutting off the support of DX 10? Don't tell me i spent all the money to Paladins for nothing! Please keep DX 10 in the game, my PC is old and I can't play DX11

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    Good patch all in all, but it doesn't do much to improve the viability of Solo tanking in competitive.

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