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Thread: BURN CARDS Ideas

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    BURN CARDS Ideas


    Pierce - Special for no reload champs Grover, Sha Lin, Maeve
    Projectiles penetrate through Shields at reduced damage, 15%/30%/45%
    Cost 400
    - no card for some champs yearns to see more use out of an empty slot
    - can hurl damage through shields to pressure tanks 'role' is a thing. Damage is low, easily migrated by healing.

    Your weapon shots reveal enemies 0.5s/1s/1.5s
    Your weapon shots reveal enemies to you for 1s/2s/3s
    Cost 200
    - Cheapest alt red burn card
    - Helps in chasing and tracking enemies, but I consider this kinda broken on some

    Your maximum damage cannot be reduced below 15%/30%/45%
    Cost 300
    - Bypass sources that would negate your damage below built amount such as ash charge, inara earthen guard, lex slide.


    Reduce respawn timer by 1s/2s/3s (I got no clue, just a random, better defence then master riding, better for onslaught.)
    - Idk guys yellow utility items are hard to come up with


    Your base Healing cannot be reduced below 15%/30%/45%
    Cost 400
    - Costlier version of rejuvenate
    - Kinda fends of cauterise while you receive less healing overall.

    Generate 20/40/60 hp per sec.
    - Ambient health regeneration.
    - Applies base healing to certain champ moves
    - Can shrug small pokes of damage.


    When out of combat generate a 200/400/600 hp shield.
    -Now in the sniper meta I feel as though a personal shield on some squishes would be a nice added feature, even if it is small, it will stop a 1 shot for you. But these shields must recharge out of combat which is the down side. This shield goes on top of Torvald's shields, but regenerates out of combat.

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    Undying should be "Exit combat 15%/30%/45% faster." and maybe be a healing card.
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