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Thread: Aclon Legendary Card Concept

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    Post Aclon Legendary Card Concept

    This thread is a list of my legendary card concept idea

    • Give Hirez more idea to make a new legendary card for champion.
    • Make more available playstyle from 16 or more card combination for all champion.
    • Make more balanced Legendary card.
    • Try to make easy-to-understand description for the legendary card.

    Not all Legendary card that i made will be balanced. To make a good legendary card, we need to understand the champion kit, loadout, recent nerf or buff, a good calculation, certain team composition or champion that work well with it and it's effeciency. So constructive criticism is allowed. And also feel free to share your idea and i will make sure to credit it to yours.

    1. Ebony Armor(Type:Armor)
      Grant 400 health bar, 22% cc reduction, 9% damage reduction and now every damage dealt to your shield will be reduced by 10%.

    1. Frost Nova(Type:Ability)(affect:Iceblock)
      Now you can blink while in iceblock and there's field that expand over the duration of the iceblok and at the end of iceblock, it will deal blast damage inside the field based how long you're in iceblock.(the damage is 900 at max)
    2. Cyro-Stasis(Type:Armor)
      when you reach 0 health, you immediately iceblock and recover 60% of your max health over 3 s. enemy in 50 unit radius of iceblock will be slowed for 40%, crippled, and they deal 20% less damage inside the area. you can do this once every 50s.

    1. Metabolism(Type:ability)(affect:Blossom,Whirlwind)
      anyone who receive healing from blossom or whirlwind now will receive additional health based from 8% of their maximum health and gain 10% damage reduction for 2s. the buff won't stack again and the additional health lingers until death.

    1. Silent Night(Type:Ultimate)(affect:Midnight)
      you gain 15% ult charge and midnight now silence all sounds cue and noise that you and your teammate make while outside the dark sphere.

    1. Fogger(Type:Ability)(Affect:Smoke bomb)
      Smoke bomb now silence and apply 30 DoT to enemy every 0.2s. When enemy left smoke,
      the duration of silince is 2s and can be reduced by cc reduction card.
    2. Shadow Walker(Type:Ability)(Affect:Hidden)
      Hidden now no longer have cd and instead have resouce bar that fill when outside of combat. when decloack you can use hidden again after 2 s. cloack card will increase the resouce bar and shadow affinity will now reduce the cosumption of resource.
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