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Thread: Breakthrough: Rework Item Card Concept(Red Card)

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    Breakthrough: Rework Item Card Concept(Red Card)

    Hi Community, Deft hands is kind of a rubbish item to buy as it is right now. It's costing a ton of credits and it doesn't fit with the actual gameplay, where preventing the heals and wreck the opponent's shields or deployables is much more useful.

    One exception only (see Mal'damba's snake).

    How can this item be a bit more viable?

    What if, for every level scaled, you will also increase the% of breakthrough the damage reduction. Yes, damage reduction like the one given by inara's Earthen Guard/Lex's Heroism and Ash's Legendary.

    Cost: 300

    Level 1 = 15% Reload Speed/10% Breakthrough
    Level 2 = 30% Reload Speed/20% Breakthrough
    Level 3 = 45% Reload Speed/30% Breakthrough

    How does it work?

    i.e. Ash is dashing and has a 90% Damage reduction thanks to the legendary.

    With the Item at a lvl 3, I will inflict 40% damage instead of 10%.

    It's not effective against immunity. It's effective against Haven/Blast shield
    Targets which haven't an active damage reduction spell , will not be affected.

    This change would improve the card's effectiveness and viability significantly, under certain conditions and vs certain characters. Therefore it will become a situational pick (like bulldozer), instead of a rubbish one.

    What do you think about it?
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    Well, I think there needs to be more of a roster to support damage resistance (DR) abilities before beginning to shred armour. Inara seems to be the only one with an ability for DR, Rukus lost his awhile ago and other forms of DR on chams are built with cards, and are not very powerful. It might be useful on something like a flank normally, and vs inara. But that is it. Going through DR does not seem really useful given how the game is played right now.

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    Nope, N-O-P-E. 400 is much, right, but in fact it does lightning speed reloads, and it doesnt need a change, HOWEWER.
    In fact, i think that champs with no reload should get an item that would be a card which would slow enemies for 1s for 15%/30%/45%, costs 300. How's the idea?
    Edit 1#: Now slows for 1s
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn1337 View Post
    slow enemies for 1s for 15%/30%/45%, costs 300. How's the idea?
    interesting... Hi-rez should read these kind of post.

    But 10/20/30% is more balance.

    and Deft Hands should be 15/30/45% and 300/600/900c.
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