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Thread: [BMS] Black Mamba Squad | Recruitment Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwinmillVI View Post
    Hi, i am a player (lvl 152, +400 hours) who can play most of the roles decently, but my best champions are mainly frontliners. My best champions are Torvalt (lvl54), Fernando (lvl 51), Ash (lvl 30), Terminus (lvl 28), Inara (lvl24), Jenos (lvl 38). I am also training hard with other champions so i can flex more in ranked games. Also I have a twinbrother (TheShadowtek, lvl 128, +300 hours) wants to join together. he is more flexible in his picks and mains Ying (lvl 39), Makoa (lvl 29), Ruckus (lvl26), Viktor (lvl26), Drogoz(lvl26) and Seris (lvl24). He is currently training with to be a better flanker with andro and koga.

    We are playing weekly, but because of studies we are semi-active.
    Almost forgot to mention it
    this are our discord
    TwinmillVI: A Random Asian#5375
    TheShadowTek: TheShadowTek#7005

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    hi i also fit all the requirements my username in game is :br47 pls reply before if u wanna add me cause i dont wanna accept a random guy
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    Hey ik ben Bavo , ik ben van Belgie en spreek nederlands , mijn ign is IWillShootYouu , ik ben level 46 mijn totaal aantal uren spelen van Paladins is 120+ uur en mijn discord is bavop#9262

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    -Highest Ranked: Masters
    -I Can Take A Joke

    If interested in me contact me on discord -> sense#0520
    If not interested in me contact me on forums
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